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Summary of SFIA Research Webinars
These 60 minute webinars provide insightful analyses designed to compliment the member benefit reports. SFIA Research is pleased to have you attend one of our research oriented webinars that are carried out throughout the year.  Our goal with each webinar is to support the release of the various Working on Laptopreports that are created each year.  Each webinar dives deeper into the reports and we bring in expert analysts to provide additional insight and color to the data in each of the reports.  

SFIA Research is also available to conduct a customized webinar specifically for your organization. For more information on these customized webinars visit SFIA Research/Sports Marketing Surveys homepage at www.sportsmarketingsurveysinc.com.

For these basic research research webinars there is no registration fee to attend as an SFIA member.

To view our list of previously hosted research webinars refer to the library provided below. To view these webinars you will need to login as a SFIA member. If you need your login and password information please contact John Peters at 301.495.6321 or jpeters@sfia.org

SFIA Research Report Webinar Library

2014 Webinars

2013 Webinars

2012 Webinars

2011 Webinars

  • State of the Industry Report Webinar- Click Here

  • Tracking the Fitness Movement Report Webinar- Click Here

  • U.S. Trends in Team Sports Report Webinar- Click Here

  • Q4-2011 Sports & Fitness Confidence Index Webinar- Click Here

Special Message From SFIA Research & Webinars
For the past 107 years, the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) has been the leading source of research-based knowledge for the sports and fitness industry. The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association has recently transitioned to a new name for our organization: Sports & Fitness Industry Association, with the acronym SFIA.
In research webinar, hosted prior to October 2012, y
ou will see references to SGMA throughout it that pre-date our transition from SGMA to SFIA.
For more information related to the rebranding process, please visit the SFIA website at www.sfia.org/about/sfiafaqs to review our FAQ’s. You may also contact SFIA Headquarters at 301.495.6321.

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