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COVID-19 hit the U.S. fast and hard. With the virus rapidly spreading throughout the world over the last several weeks, Congress and the President have worked tirelessly to provide an economic relief package. On Friday, March 27th, the government passed a $2.2 trillion bailout. SFIA has gathered helpful information to assist members of the sports and fitness industry during these difficult times. Check out SFIA's COVID-19 Resource Guide, which will be continuously updated with the most up-to-date information. In addition, tune in to SFIA's Coronavirus Webinar series, as we continue to keep industry companies apprised of the latest news, government actions and opportunities available.

Industry companies have stepped up to help medical workers on the frontlines who are lacking necessary protective equipment and resources. Click here to see the amazing and honorable actions sports and fitness companies have taken to help the world stay safe and healthy.


SFIA Releases COVID-19 Industry Impact Report for May 2020


SFIA has been conducting a monthly survey, collecting information from the sports & fitness industry regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. SFIA has released the 2nd edition of the report (May 2020). As we continue to gather information, each report further reflects the financial standing and opinions from the industry throughout the pandemic. The survey polls industry-wide businesses, with subjects ranging from financial impact to response to return to play projections. 

According to the May 2020 Report, 56% of respondents reported sales growth from April to May 2020 To access the full May 2020 COVID-19 Industry Impact Report click here.

The U.S. Trade Representative has not yet released the key dates and information regarding the exclusion process for List 4. As soon as the USTR releases this information, SFIA will offer a program to assist with List 4 tariff exclusion petitions, just as they are currently doing for List 3 tariff exclusions. List 3 tariff exclusions were submitted on September 30, 2019, and we are waiting on results.

SFIA Webinar Series is in Full Swing!


While in-person events are on hold, be sure to take advantage of SFIA's FREE webinar series, covering the most important industry topics, ranging from coronavirus to tariff relief to industry analysis and consumer behavior. SFIA invites experts to present to our industry to  educate our members on the most pressing issues and address shared concerns. If you have any specific topics you would like to hear about or have interest in presenting, please contact aschulman@sfia.org.

Click here to register for upcoming webinars! If you would like to access past SFIA webinars, click here.

2018 National Health Through Fitness Day

SFIA's Releases 2020 Sport Single Sport Reports for All Fitness Activities!

SFIA has released the second batch of its 2020 Single Sport Reports, including reports of all 24 fitness activities. These reports provide a detailed analysis and breakdown of participation by various demographics, and by specific sport or fitness activity.
Nearly every activity in the fitness category increased in participation in 2019, and traditionally “niche” fitness activities are growing significantly. These activities include Yoga, Barre and Stationary Cycling (Group); which, in addition to reflecting healthy growth in 2019, also indicate they have been growing over the last five years. Be sure to check out these reports for analysis and breakdowns of participation trends in each individual sport. Single Sport Reports are available to members at a discounted rate of $99 per report, and available to non-members for $295 per report.


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