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May 23, 2016
International Trade Commission Set to Move on Miscellanous Tariff Bill Read More

May 17, 2016
SFIA Announces Additional Judges for SFIA 'Start-Up Challenge' Read More

May 16, 2016
Physical Activity and Wellness Dominate DC this Week Read More

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SFIA Opens Applications for Inaugural Start-Up Challenge at 2016 Industry Leaders Summit


The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) today opens the application process for the SFIA ‘Start-Up Challenge,’ to be held at the 2016 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit (ILS), in Denver, Colo., September 14-15, 2016.

From May 1 - May 30, 2016, up-and-coming companies can submit their pitch to become finalists in the ‘2016 SFIA Start-Up Challenge.’ Stadia Ventures, a ‘sports innovation hub for entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors’, will assist the SFIA in the vetting process for all applications.

“The SFIA Start-Up Challenge is generating a lot of interest within the sports entrepreneurial community due to the unprecedented access to senior decision makers at the leading brands in sports,” said Art Chou, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Stadia Ventures. “We expect this experience to deliver tangible business relationships for both the entrepreneurs and the industry leaders,” he continued.

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2016 National Health Through Fitness Day

Registration open for 2016 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit September 14-15 in Denver, CO. 

We all know at least some of the disruption stories so celebrated by believers in the new economy. You do not have to be old enough to remember when Eastern, Pan Am and TWA ruled the skies and "Ma Bell" was the telephone company, to know that the news and music industries have been totally disrupted by online media, manufacturing is threatened by 3D printing, and the taxi industry is currently being disrupted by Uber and Lyft. From pharmaceuticals to healthcare; from retail to manufacturing; no industry is safe from an ongoing wave of disruption.

Join fellow C-level executives from across the sports & fitness industry at the 2016 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit as we examine an assortment of complex disruptors to business and the economy.

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International Trade Commission Set to Move of Miscellaneous Tarriff Bill


President Obama signed legislation today to change the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) process and avoid potential issues with the Congressional ban on earmarks. Under this new process, the International Trade Commission (ITC) will accept petitions for tariff relief, review them and make recommendations to Congress. The ITC is expected to announce key deadlines and other details for duty relief petitions via the MTB process in the coming weeks.  

This legislation ends a more than three year standoff on MTB duty relief. The previous MTB expired at the end of 2012. As a result of disclosure requirements on targeted cuts in taxes and tariffs, Congress put requests for tariff breaks on hold.



Help Pass The PHIT Act - Contact Your Member of Congress Today

The PHIT Act is legislation pending in Congress which will allow Americans to use Pre-Tax Medical Accounts to pay for physical activity expenses. The PHIT Act will provide an incentive for adults and their children to get fit which will help prevent healthcare costs related to preventable chronic diseases. Passage of the PHIT Act will have positive effects on the sporting goods industry.

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