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The 2019 Industry Leaders Summit is just around the corner!

SFIA is gearing up for the 7th annual Industry Leaders Summit in Baltimore, MD on September 25-26. We are looking forward to hosting an extraordinary roster of speakers, including lululemon, Topgolf, Zumba, Intel Capital and many others. For all who have attended, as well as those of you who have not, prepare for 48 hours of networking with all of the leading minds in the industry, eye-opening presentations and panels, and gaining an enlightened new outlook on the industry to improve your business. For six years, SFIA has brought together an unparalleled audience, opening the doors for new partnerships, mentorships, relationships and investments to be made. Throughout this event, we dive into all of the biggest industry trends, opportunities and challenges. 

If you are interested in attending, please contact Alex Kerman at akerman@sfia.org. We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!


2018 National Health Through Fitness Day

SFIA Disappointed by President's Decision to Further Increase Tariffs on Chinese Products


President Trump has announced that List 3 tariffs will increase from 25% to 30%, beginning on October 1, 2019, and List 4 tariffs, set to go into effect on September 1, 2019, will be increased from 10% to 15%. List 4 will go into effect in two stages, September 1st and December 15th. List 4A will go into effect on September 1, 2019 - and there will be no grace period. All products that are on the water and do not arrive to a U.S. port by September 1st will be impacted by the new tariffs. List 4B will go into effect on December 15, 2019.

The U.S. Trade Representative has not yet released the key dates and information regarding the exclusion process for List 4. As soon as the USTR releases this information, SFIA will offer a program to assist with List 4 tariff exclusion petitions, just as they are currently doing for List 3 tariff exclusions. If you are interested in learning more about the List 3 tariff exclusion process, please click here.


FIVE FINALISTS SELECTED for the 4th Annual Start-Up Challenge!


SFIA has selected five finalists to compete in the 2019 Start-Up Challenge! This competition highlights small business innovation in sport, and invites leading entrepreneurs to compete on the big stage at the Industry Leaders Summit on September 25, 2019. 

This competition has created an unparalleled opportunity for start-ups in the sports and fitness industry - Providing finalists the opportunity to pitch their business on stage, in front of the entire  Summit audience, as well as a judging panel comprised of major industry leaders and investors, including executives from lululemon, Topgolf, Amazon, Intel Capital, Under Armour and Walmart. 

This year's grand prize is provided by the SFIA Start-Up Challenge sponsor, Empirika Media Group Inc., featuring $25,000 worth of Empirika digital services. TO LEARN ABOUT THE FIVE FINALISTS FOR THE 2019 START-UP CHALLENGE, CLICK HERE. 

2018 National Health Through Fitness Day

2019 SFIA Single Sport Reports Have Been Released!

Every year, SFIA provides an in-depth report of 90 individual sport and fitness activities. Each report contains a highly-detailed analysis of the activity, as the data is broken down into numerous participant categories.
Be sure to check out the reports for participation trends (2013-2018), breakdowns of participants (total, casual, core), demographic breakdowns (gender, age, education, etc.) and cross-participation data. Individual reports ar $99 each for all SFIA members, and available to non-members for $245 per report. Click here to view and purchase the 2019 SFIA Single Sport and Activity Reports.


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