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SFIA's National Health Through Fitness Day is Just Around the Corner!


SFIA will be celebrating the 21st annual National Health Through Fitness Day in Washington, DC on March 10-11, 2020. The Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act has been making big progress in the 116th Congress, as the bill just landed its 100th congressional cosponsor, Congressman Cedric Richmond. For the more information on the vast amount of bipartisan support, click here.

We are confident that this is the year for PHIT, as our lawmakers are laser focused on health care spending and seeking alternative methods of reform. PHIT would allow families and individuals the opportunity to use pre-tax dollars to pay for activity-related expenses. This approach focuses on prevention, rather than costly medical treatment. Numerous studies have proven the importance of an active lifestyle, and it is paramount that our government takes action, for the future health of our nation. Click here to learn more about PHIT & register for National Health Through Fitness Day.


2018 National Health Through Fitness Day

SFIA Pleased with Phase One China Trade Agreement


On December 13th, President Trump agreed to a limited trade deal with China, putting a stop to the additional tariffs on $156 billion of Chinese-made goods, including footwear and apparel, that were set to go into effect on Sunday, December 15th. Also in this agreement, existing tariffs on about $360 billion of Chinese-made goods will be cut in half.

List 4A goes went into effect on September 1, 2019 and List 4B was set to go into effect on December 15, 2019. These tariffs have negatively impacted the sport and health industry, and we are hopeful that this trade agreement comes to fruition.

On January 15, the President signed the Phase One trade agreement with China, reducing List 4A tariffs from 15% to 7.5%.

Another opportunity for American companies to decrease tariff exposure is through the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) petition process. To learn more about the MTB, click here.

The U.S. Trade Representative has not yet released the key dates and information regarding the exclusion process for List 4. As soon as the USTR releases this information, SFIA will offer a program to assist with List 4 tariff exclusion petitions, just as they are currently doing for List 3 tariff exclusions. List 3 tariff exclusions were submitted on September 30, 2019, and we are waiting on results.

SFIA Team Sports Conference is Back in 2020


SFIA, NFHS & NCAA are co-hosting the annual Team Sports Rules & Management Conference on April 13-14, 2020 in Indianapolis. This event brings together manufacturers, retailers, brands and governing bodies in the team sports industry to discuss changes in team sports rules, standards and regulations. In addition, SFIA council meetings for Football, Baseball/Softball and Lacrosse will be held on April 13. Breakout sessions for all individual team sports will take place on April 14. Presentations covering the state of the sports industry, the environment of high school sports and the competitive play at the college level will be enlightening conversations that you can't afford to miss!

Click here to register for the 2020 Teams Sports Rules & Management Conference.
2018 National Health Through Fitness Day

SFIA'S 2020 Topline Report is Now Available!

TEvery year, SFIA releases the participation topline summary that features data from the largest single source sports, fitness and leisure activity participation study in the country. We track participation in 120 sports, recreation and fitness activities. This is the industry's essential reference document for sports participation, and helps many businesses strategize around current marketplace trends. 
Be sure to check out the report for overall participation rates over the last six years and various demographic breakdowns (i.e. age, income, etc.). This report is FREE to SFIA members, and available to non-members for $295. Click here to view and purchase the 2020 Topline Report.


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