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Please review the list below to see the upcomng activities for SFIA's single sport councils 


1. Review of the new procedures for testing to the NCAA BBCOR bat standard

                Review call with the NCAA the week of April 27th time/day TBA

                Review call with the bat members of the SFIA Baseball/Softball Council  |  time/day TBA


2. April 14th call to review work on the proposed ASTM Defensive Face Mask for Women’s Softball Standard. Notice sent to ASTM/SFIA member companies


3. SFIA participated in equipment rules review call with the NFHS Wrestling Rules Committee to determine new rules regarding logos on wrestling headgear and implementation date of the new rules


4. Currently working with NOCSAE to determine status of the Summer NOCSAE Tech Session and the NOCASE Summer standards and board meeting


For more information or questions, please contact Gregg Hartley at hartleyassociated@icloud.com.

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