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What Do Our Most Recent Interns Have To Say About SFIA?



“Interning at SFIA was such a great experience. In the three months I spent there I was able to enhance my photo-shop skills, perform website updates, learn the core values of the company, and more. The staff is friendly and the office provides a very relaxed yet productive environment. Everyone is always eager to assist and answer any questions you may have. The workload and creative freedom I was entrusted with was great. All in all, I gained a ton of experience and enjoyed my time with SFIA.”

- Alanna, University of Florida, Fall 2017 Intern


"My internship experience at SFIA was absolutely phenomenal. As an Intern, SFIA gives you the tools to succeed. The main difference between SFIA and any other ordinary Internship is the real-life skills, work, and experience you will gain during your time here. The day to day tasks as well as the long-term projects have prepared me tremendously for the professional world. The amount of growth that I saw in myself from start to finish of this internship was exponential. The staff is immensely supportive and will become almost like a 2nd family to you as your internship comes to a close. I would highly recommend this internship."

- Marshall, Xavier University, Summer 2017 Intern


“I was an intern with SFIA from January, 2017 to May, 2017. While working with SFIA I had the opportunity to work on a multitude of different projects and tasks. This internship gave me hands on experience in sales, prospecting and membership development. I was able to grow professionally and personally. This was an amazing opportunity and I would recommend an internship with SFIA to everyone. 10/10.”

Colin, Bowling Green State University, Spring 2017 Intern


“Interning for SFIA was an extremely positive experience. The hands-on tasks and projects gave me real world professionalism where I was doing meaningful work. The staff was very supportative with allowing me room to put my own creative touch on things, and by doing so giving it a different outlook. This internship further helped me shape the professional path I wanted to create for myself. I would recommend this to anyone.”

- Marlon, Christopher Newport University, Summer 2016 Intern 


"As an intern in the Industry and Public Affairs section of the office, I got to see first hand how a lobbyist tries to pass a bill and I walked around Capital Hill more times than I ever had before. The work that I did was always important and this helped me learn a lot about SFIA and gave me real world experience. In the end, though, the staff and my fellow interns made the internship what it was. The conversations, the work we did together, the lunches, and all the jokes made me excited to come in to SFIA every day. My time at SFIA taught me a lot and it made my internship really valuable."

-Joe, Union College, Summer 2017 Intern


“The SFIA internship was a great experience! The office environment was extremely friendly and I was able to receive professional advice from my direct supervisor and other employees. In addition, I was able to strengthen my communications skills while also learning about a new leg of the sports industry. The SFIA internship provides one with the opportunity to understand the resources sports manufacturers need and use. Another great part of the internship was participating in National Health Through Fitness Day on Capitol Hill. This event gave me the opportunity to interview talented athletes while advocating for fitness to remain a top priority in schools and this country. If you’re interested in having another perspective on the sports industry, developing great professional relationships, and gaining hands-on professional experience then I would highly recommend the SFIA internship program." 

-Aaliyah, American University, Spring 2017 Intern


Where Are Our Past Interns Now? 

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