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WEBINAR - The Inactivity Pandemic - 2015 Edition Report - Silver Spring, MD

Thursday, August 13, 2015 2:00-3:00PM EST

The sports and fitness industry faces a revenue deficit of $20 billion by 2020 if the Inactivity Pandemic is not stabilized or reverse. Every part of the industry will be affected.  

This August, SFIA & PHIT America will be hosting a webinar on the Inactivity Pandemic, to inform and update the industry on what's causing it, the ramifications of participation numbers, and what PHIT America is doing to reverse these trends & what you can do to help. 


  1. The Inactivity Pandemic – 2015 Edition

  2. The $20 Billion Problem For the Sports & Fitness Industry

  3. The Causes or ‘Roots’ of Inactivity

  4. What PHIT America & SFIA Is Doing

  5. What You Can Do

  6. 'Getting In The Game’ – Working Together



Lauren Wallace
Director, Thought Leadership Programs


Lauren Wallace

Jim Baugh
President & CEO
PHIT America


Jim Baugh


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For this Webinar, attendance is free. If you have any questions or would like additional information on this webinar contact Lauren Wallace, at lwallace@sfia.org or at 301.495.6321.

Join us on August 13 for this Webinar & learn about the latest inactivity pandemic issues impacting our industry!

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