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Surys, formerly Hologram Industries, is a market-leader in physical and digital security solutions for authentication, product protection and product identification.  The company originally pioneered the use of optically variable devices in currency, passports and other high value documents overseas; however, through the recent acquisition of SecureMark Decal, the company is poised to command the North America brand protection market with the same technology platforms successfully deployed in high-security applications in more than 100 countries over the last 30 years.

The company’s predominant business model is to draw on one or more of four corporate platforms to create advantaged business unit positions that address customer needs.  By knitting together these common platforms, Surys is able to provide fundamental competitive advantage for its customers world-wide. Further, shared world-class physical and digital security technology with shared manufacturing, customers, channels and global infrastructure creates a unique ability for Surys to create customized holistic brand protection solutions for its North American clients and partners.

To learn more about Surys, please visit www.surys.com



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