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  SFIA, NFHS, NCAA Sports Rules Advisory Committee
Advocate for SFIA Members Regarding Equipment Policy Decisions

Background & Purpose:
The SFIA, in cooperation with the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA),  has created a rules advisory equipment committee that reviews proposed rules changes that affect equipment prior to those rules being considered by the various sport committees of the NFHS. The committee makes non-binding recommendations where needed to clarify proposed rules that have a bearing on equipment rules. Participation is open to members of SFIA by invitation only and is limited to one representative for each of the following categories: Team Equipment, Team Uniforms, Protective Equipment and Protective Headgear.

As the governing bodies for the vast majority of team sports in the United States, it is critical for SFIA to maintain close working relationships with the NCAA and the NFHS. SFIA member interests are closely tied to equipment performance decisions made by both organizations. By working closely with the NFHS and the NCAA, SFIA helps shape rules policy that effects equipment performance and the timeline for the implementation of those rules. By working together in this way the SFIA, the NCAA and the NFHS insure a smooth transition allowing inventories to be managed at the factory, retail and institutional levels.

A critical element of this relationship is the annual SFIA/NCAA/NFHS Rules Committee Meetings held in April of each year. Here manufacturers and interested parties have the opportunity to speak directly with the committees that write and implement rules for each sport.

Summary of Activities
All equipment used in high school and collegiate sports must meet rules as established by the governing bodies. The SFIA liaison communicates these rules to members and works on behalf of SFIA Members with issues to the governing bodies.

Click here to view the latest SFIA/NFHS/NCAA Sports Rules Advisory Committee Activities.

For additional information about this Advisory Committee please contact Gregg Hartley at 561.543.7789 or hartleyassociated@icloud.com.

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