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Background & Purpose:
SFIA's Baseball/Softball Council works in support of the manufacturers of baseball and softball gear, uniforms, cleats, and accessories. The Baseball/Softball Council represents the baseball and softball industries on issues and initiatives which affect both sports. In recent years, the issues have ranged from participation studies to the youth bat licensing fee program to the 'wood vs. non-wood' bat matter.

How to Join:
For more information on the Baseball & Softball Council, contact Gregg Hartley at hartleyassociated@icloud.com.

Little LeaguerBaseball & Softball Council Products and Services:

Website and Research
SFIA maintains a database that tracks baseball, slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball participation through the Sports, Fitness, & Recreational Activities Topline Participation Report.

Batted Ball Injury Study
SFIA members and associations contributed to a fund a three year study comparing injury rates of wood versus non-wood bats. Results have been published.

Here are a few other bullet-point items that need to be mentioned as member benefits of being associated with the Baseball Softball Council:

National Mediator
SFIA serves as a mediator on issues between manufacturers and the National Federation of State High School Associations, USA Baseball, ASA, Little League Baseball, PONY Baseball & Softball, Babe Ruth, NCAA, the USSSA, American Legion and other national governing bodies.

Annual Discussions with NGBs 
SFIA coordinates an annual meeting each April in Indianapolis with the National Federation of State High School Associations and the NCAA to discuss rules changes that impact uniforms & equipment.

Data and Demographics
SFIA provides our industry with accurate demographics on baseball and softball participation through the SFIA Sports & Fitness Participation Report, Sports Participation in America and U. S. Trends in Team Sports.

Industry Sales
SFIA conducts an annual wholesale sales study (Manufacturers Sales by Category Report) on the U.S. sporting goods industry which includes line items dedicated specifically to baseball and softball such as bats, fielding gloves, protective gear, batting gloves, baseballs, and softballs.

Don't Take My Bat Away
SFIA coordinates the work of the Don't Take My Bat Away coalition, which defends the integrity of the non-wood baseball bat and educates people about the differences between wood and non-wood baseball bats.  The coalition hosts a website - www.dtmba.com

This information is available to players, coaches, parents, the general public and media.

The Baseball/Softball Council Member Companies:

For more information on the Baseball & Softball Council, please contact Gregg Hartley at hartleyassociated@icloud.com

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