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Football Council

Football Council

Convening SFIA Members to Address Common Issues

The SFIA Football Council advances best practices to put forth a safer game for all who play the sport on amateur levels. The goal of the SFIA Football Council is to promote the growth and continued playing of football at all levels of the sport in the safest and most enjoyable environment for the athlete possible.

Latest SFIA Football Council News

Letter from SFIA President and CEO Tom Cove to the Football Industry:

I’m writing to announce SFIA will formally create a Football Council at the request of several member companies.  I urge you and your companies to participate. This is the result of several meetings, phone calls and email communications conducted over past 2-3 years as the sport of football and the football equipment industry has come under increasing scrutiny.  I and SFIA staff are working regularly on a variety of football issues with the NFL, other football leagues and governing bodies, standards organizations, media, regulators, legislators, researchers and the public, as well as SFIA member companies. Many SFIA members have expressed the need to organize our industry to respond to the evolving challenges of football in a timely, smart and cost-effective manner.The Council will operate by bringing together interested SFIA members and including other partners/stakeholders as appropriate.  Many of you are aware of the success the baseball/softball industry has had through the SFIA-led (formerly SGMA) Don’t Take My Bat Away Coalition.  We foresee replicating that model with our football member companies.   

While we have held informal meetings of the football industry for years, the needs facing our industry today dictate we formalize the process to develop an agenda and action plan. One of the first steps is to convene a meeting of all interested SFIA members at the American Football Coaches Association convention/expo in January. I encourage you to plan to attend this important first meeting.

We are actively soliciting feedback from our members as to best ways to make this Council productive and effective.  I’ve included a series of agenda topics for consideration of the Council.  Please review this preliminary listing and provide feedback to me at tcove@sfia.org.  Feel free to call me directly at 301-495-6321 as well. 

Topics for Football Council Consideration

  •      Industry Collaboration to Grow Football Participation
  •      Industry Collaboration to Promote Best Practices in Football
  •      Industry Voice on Policy and Media Issues
  •      Standards
    • NOCSAE--Quality Control Standards, Research Role, Fees, Governance
    • Industry/SFIA Representation on NOCSAE Board
    • ASTM
  •     Youth Football
  • Tackle Football Restrictions
  • Coaching and Officiating Education and Training
  • USA Football -- Heads Up Tackling, Player Progression Model, Strategic Communications Program
  • Pop Warner
  • Hit Counts and Related Proposals
  • NFL/CPSC Helmet Replacement Program
  •     NFHS/NCAA Issues (Uniforms, Gloves, Standards, Authenticating Mark, etc.)
  •     Industry Self-Regulation of Marketing/Advertising
  •      Legislative and Regulatory Activities
  •     Overall Injury Prevention


For more information on the Football Council, please contact Gregg Hartley at hartleyassociated@icloud.com.


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