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For Access to PowerPoint Presentations from Jan. 2018 Lacrosse Council Meeting, click here.

LATEST: SFIA Lacrosse Council Statement on Proposed Maryland Legislation Requiring Helmets in Girl's Lacrosse
The SFIA Lacrosse Council supports US Lacrosse’s work in reducing the risk of injury in women’s lacrosse based on ongoing research and supports their position regarding the proposed Maryland legislation originally intended to require helmets for girl’s lacrosse play. We believe the critical element in making the game safe is to educate lacrosse coaches, officials, players, parents and fans on the rules of lacrosse and we support US Lacrosse's effort to do so. We are committed to working with national governing bodies and rules and standards organizations to help develop safety standards around protective equipment and to building protective gear that meets or exceeds those standards.
For more information, please contact Gregg Hartley at hartleyassociated@icloud.com.
Background and Purpose
SFIA’s Lacrosse Council was formed in 2013 by leaders in the lacrosse industry to help grow and support the game of lacrosse. The Council represents lacrosse manufacturers on a variety of issues including rules and standards issues, grow the game initiatives, barriers to access and more.
The group meets in conjunction with the US Lacrosse Convention in January and the both the meeting and membership in the Council is limited to SFIA members only.
How to Join
For information on the SFIA Lacrosse Council or membership in the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, contact Gregg Hartley at hartleyassociated@icloud.com.
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