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Protective equipment used in team sports at the high school, collegiate and professional level must meet NOCSAE standards. SFIA representation insures these standards are equitable and consistently applied.


In addition, the SFIA holds a seat on the NOCSAE Board of Directors.

More Information SFIA Activities with NOCSAE
As more emphasis is placed on athlete safety, calls for increased standards for protective equipment grow. NOCSAE is the sports industry body positioned to research, develop and set standards for protective equipment. Protective equipment used in team sports at the high school, collegiate and professional levels must meet NOCSAE standards. SFIA representation at the NOCSAE board level insures NOCSAE continues to fulfill the role of industry standard setter in a manner that is equitable and consistently applied to all product categories.

SFIA was a driving force in the creation of NOCSAE in 1969 when the level of catastrophic injuries in football threatened the existence of the game. Since 1969 SFIA has worked closely with the board of NOCSAE and its technical organization to address sports injuries that can be reduced or eliminated by creation of a performance standard for specific pieces of equipment. Sports that SFIA and NOCSAE have worked together in, to create equipment performance standards for include football, baseball, softball, ice hockey, field hockey, men's and women's lacrosse and soccer. Working closely with manufacturers of equipment SFIA has been able to reduce product development cost, by insuring manufacturer input into the standards process. Product liability and litigation cost for manufacturers have been greatly reduced by providing standards that are promulgated by NOCSAE, allowing the manufacturers to continue to provide equipment for athletes at reasonable cost.

For additional information on how SFIA can help you company with its NOCSAE and standards organizations relationships please contact Gregg Hartley at hartleyassociated@icloud.com.

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