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Reasons to Join

As you work to establish your business in the sports, fitness, and active lifestyle industry, membership in SFIA is an invaluable investment. As a member, you will have access to the gold standard of industry research as well as the opportunity to make connections and establish partnerships within SFIA’s extensive community.

Operating successfully in the sports, fitness, and active lifestyle industry requires not only staying current on the latest consumer trends, but also knowing how the latest regulatory changes could affect how you do business and where the industry is going next. SFIA has you covered—join today, and read below to learn how SFIA membership can help you grow your business.

Your Concern: Staying abreast of industry trends

The SFIA Solution: As the leading supplier of research for the sports, fitness, and active lifestyle industry, SFIA research publishes over 100 reports per year that will help you understand current trends and forecast for the future. Associate or non-profit members receive five select reports free each year – for a savings of more than $1,900. Need more? We also have sports specific research reports and offer custom research at a discount to our member companies.

Your Concern: Staying current on pressing industry challenges

The SFIA Solution: The Thought Leadership Webinar Series offers timely insights, analysis, and expertise. Webinars are offered throughout the year and are free to any employee of an SFIA member company, a savings of $249 per webinar. Recent topics include:

  • International Trade: SFIA is dedicated to lowering the cost of getting products to market, as well as eliminating or reducing the trade barriers placed on SFIA member products by promoting agreements with trade partners that will facilitate greater market penetration.
  • Product Safety: SFIA members are on the inside track for information on current and future changes to product safety regulations, including SFIA’s advocacy for the industry to Congress, CPSC, and other regulatory bodies.

Your Concern: Making connections within the sports and fitness industry

The SFIA Solution: Forge valuable new connections, establish partnerships, and maintain current relationships in the industry at thought leadership events that include the executive-level Industry Leaders Summit, the Litigation, Regulatory & Risk Management Summit, the annual High School and University Rules Committee Meeting, and advocacy-focused National Health Through Fitness Day.

Your Concern: Navigating complicated legal and regulatory concerns

The SFIA Solution: The SFIA Legal Task Force provides members with access to a group of sports and fitness industry legal experts, located across the country, who can offer guidance and assistance when a member comes across an urgent legal hurdle. The Legal Task Force also gathers and disseminates pressing legal developments to the industry, keeping members current on the ever-changing landscape of legal risk and regulatory threats.

Your Concern: Access to best-in-class services to run your company

The SFIA Solution: The SFIA Corporate Partner Program creates a bridge between our members and the companies most closely connected and committed to serving the sports and fitness industry. This program provides increased access to best-in-class products and services across a variety of business segments.

Your Concern: Need to get rid of obsolete inventory in a turn-key way

The SFIA Solution: In June 2012, SFIA established an easy turnkey partnership with non-profit Good Sports to offer a turnkey mechanism to get rid of obsolete inventory.  Good Sports is a professionally run organization, based in Massachusetts, with a strong track record of working with sporting goods and fitness manufacturers including many SFIA members. The donations help thousands of disadvantaged children throughout America get active while providing Members with tax and financial benefits.

Ready to take advantage of these member benefits?

Questions about membership? Contact Chandler Hoffman, Manager, Business Development at choffman@sfia.org.

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