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Summary of Key SFIA Products & Services for a Company in the Physical Educaton Business
SFIA Products and Services are very focused on producing results for company in the physical education business. Our core competencies in Thought LeadershipPublic AffairsIndustry AffairsResearch or other Member Services will help grow your business or profitability

Specific Products or Services which will Benefit Companies in the Physical Education Business
National Health Through Fitness Day
This is the industry’s only event which brings the industry together to help grow sport and fitness participation. For 13 years, the SFIA has been promoting key U.S. legislation which “Gets America Moving”.

PEP, the Physical Education Program
PEP is a government grant program to drive growth in PE, that has been spearheaded by the SFIA during the last 10 years. This has resulted in almost $800 million in grants and is the only federal funding for P.E.

PHIT, the Personal Health Investment Act
PHIT is new SFIA legislation which increases activity in America through tax incentives. This will help grow product sales by $ millions of dollars per year by increasing participation.

Product Safety
The SFIA is  educating and informing you on current and future changes to product safety regulations including advocating for the industry to Congress, CPSC and other regulatory bodies.

Legal Task Force
The SFIA is providing manufacturers with guidance on pressing legal issues, including product safety regulations, changes to current laws which could impact business including CA Prop 65 and other timely problems.

Product Integrity Program
The SFIA Product Integrity Program is an exclusive member benefit that provides a "group" discount rate on testing, inspections, and audits while also serving as an education and knowledge center to keep you up to date on the latest product regulations.

There are many other SFIA Products or Services which will help you in your business challenges. 

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