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Reasons to Join

Operating successfully in the team sports industry segment requires staying current on the latest participation trends, understanding how regulatory changes could affect how you do business, and knowing where participation and the industry itself is going next. SFIA has you covered—join today, and read below to learn how SFIA membership specifically benefits the team sports industry segment.

Your Concern: Staying abreast of industry trends

The SFIA Solution: As the leading supplier of research for the sports, fitness, and active lifestyle industry, SFIA research publishes more than 100 reports per year that will help you understand current trends and forecast for the future. Members receive five research reports per year – for a savings of over $1,900. Need more? We also have custom research available at a discount to our member companies.

You Concern: Understanding specific team sports trends in the industry

The SFIA Solution: SFIA publishes the ultimate report on the state of team sports on an annual basis. The Trends in Team Sports Report includes five-year participation projections, overall trends in team sports, and insights in regards to the future of the team sports industry.

Your Concern: Digesting in-depth research and understanding trends

The SFIA Solution: A series of 60-minute research webinars. Designed to highlight key insights from the major SFIA Reports, including the State of the Industry, Trends in Team Sports Report, and Tracking the Fitness Movement Report, these presentations feature insights from recognized industry researchers and are an opportunity to connect with other industry professionals interested in these topics. Research webinars are free to any employee from an SFIA member company – a savings $249 per webinar.

Your Concern: Fair representation with decision makers from rules and standards bodies

The SFIA Solution: SFIA acts as a liaison with both the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to advocate for team sports companies and ensure fair representation. SFIA also provides members access and connections with key decision makers at the legislative and regulatory level.

As calls for increased standards for protective equipment grow, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) is the sports industry body positioned to research, develop, and set standards for protective equipment. SFIA was a driving force in the creation of NOCSAE and continues to hold a seat on the Board of Directors. In this role, SFIA is able to insure these standards are equitable across industry segments.

Your Concern: Product Safety & Recalls

The SFIA Solution: SFIA members have first access to education and information on the current and future changes facing product safety, and benefit directly from SFIA’s advocacy for the team sports industry segment to Congress, CPSC, and other regulatory bodies.

Your Concern: Navigating complicated legal and regulatory concerns

The SFIA Solution: The SFIA Legal Task Force provides members with access to a group of sports and fitness industry legal experts, located across the country, who can offer guidance and assistance when a member comes across an urgent legal hurdle. The Legal Task Force also gathers and disseminates pressing legal developments to the industry, keeping members current on the ever-changing landscape of legal risk and regulatory threats.

Your Concern: Outdated tariffs and high import costs

The SFIA Solution: SFIA works in collaboration with members to promote targeted tariff relief that will eliminate outdated tariffs and help reduce import costs for members. Since 2013, SFIA has helped to reduce tariffs of up to $500,000 per year for its member companies.

Your Concern: Physical activity in America

The SFIA Solution: SFIA hosts the annual National Health Through Fitness Day, which is the only event to bring over 150 industry leaders and recognized athletes together on Capitol Hill to help grow participation in sports and fitness activities. SFIA members save $100 off of the registration fee for this major industry event.

Your Concern: The Inactivity Pandemic

The SFIA Solution:  Launched in September 2014, the Increase Participation Plan is the biggest initiative the sports and fitness industry has undertaken to increase participation. SFIA has a top priority to pass the PHIT Act, and in turn, combat the inactivity pandemic. 

  • Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act:  The PHIT Act is legislation pending in Congress which will allow Americans to use Pre-Tax Medical Accounts to pay for physical activity expenses. The PHIT Act will provide an incentive for adults and their children to get fit which will help prevent healthcare costs related to preventable chronic diseases.

Ready to take advantage of these member benefits?

Questions about membership? Contact Chandler Hoffman, Manager, Business Development at choffman@sfia.org.

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