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Our SFIA Legal Task Force provides our members with access to a group of available sporting goods & fitness legal industry experts, located across the country, who can offer legal guidance & assistance when they come across urgent legal hurdles. The members of the Legal Task Force also share information among themselves, work diligently to promote the reduction of injuries in athletic competition, and promote the appropriate use of sports protective equipment.

Our Legal Task Force not only provides legal guidance to our industry on a clientele basis, but they also gather and disseminates pressing legal developments to the industry through hosted Conference Calls/webinars and the annual legal summit. This annual Summit provides the industry guidance to navigate through the ever changing landscape of legal risk and regulatory threats.

The SFIA Legal Task Force is comprised of members of national and regional law firms involved in representing and advising the manufacturers and distributors of sporting & fitness goods. These attorneys represent the industry in litigation and trials, and provide counsel in the areas of products liability, national and international trade, intellectual property, contract and transactional matters, statutory and regulatory compliance, technology, and standard-of-care and state-of-the-art issues. Their expertise serve to enhance the viability of, and provide comprehensive legal services to, the sporting goods & fitness industry. 

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Interested in Joining the SFIA Legal Task Force?

Contact Chandler Hoffman (301.495.6321 or choffman@sfia.org) for more information.

If you're a current SFIA Legal Task Force Member with a question, contact Chandler Hoffman (301.495.6321 or choffman@sfia.org).

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