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SquadLocker Launches Industry’s Fastest Single-Unit Custom Gear & Uniform Delivery

Date: 7/29/19

WARWICK, RI – JULY 29, 2019 --- After asking League Administrators, Athletic Directors, Coaches, Parents and Players nationwide about the biggest challenges they face, SquadLocker, the nation’s leading one-stop-shop athletic apparel dealer, has responded by introducing SquadLocker MVP.

SquadLocker MVP consists of three key initiatives that will ensure availability of the most popular team gear and uniforms, address consumer demand for even faster delivery, and offer an unprecedented no-hassle return policy, something no one else in the custom gear industry offers.

“A common problem involved vendors running short on select stock before all of the players had their required apparel,” said SquadLocker CEO and Founder, Gary Goldberg.  “That resulted in players having mismatched gear or uniforms, or not having their required gear by the start of their season. SquadLocker MVP items will help eliminate this issue by identifying best-selling gear that our partner vendors have agreed to produce in quantities that will cover demand, and place deep inventories on-site at SquadLocker’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. So now our admins and coaches can offer players a selection that ensures they will never take to the field, court or rink without the right uniform or gear again.”

While SquadLocker’s 2-week turnaround is already unrivaled in the industry, nationwide consumer demand for immediate gratification is putting even greater pressure on online retailers, many of whom don’t require the extra, manual decoration step required of custom team gear and uniform providers. But SquadLocker loves a challenge, said Goldberg, and they’re ready to deliver. “SquadLocker MVP items can be shipped in as fast as 2-3 days,” he said. “The industry was already struggling to compete with our 2-week turnaround, so 2-3 days absolutely puts us in a league by ourselves. In addition, over 95% of our orders leave our facility in a FedEx 2-day shipping pouch, which means ultra-fast delivery to all 50 states.”

Because gear and uniforms are customized for leagues and teams, returned items can’t be placed back into stock for resale to other consumers, so return policies in the industry have been historically strict. Until now, said Goldberg. SquadLocker MVP items come with a no-hassle return promise, the first and only one of its kind in the industry. Consumers can return up to 5 customized items per year for replacement or full refund, no questions asked.

“Any one of these initiatives by themselves would put our competition on its heels,” said Goldberg, “but the three together, SquadLocker MVP, this is truly revolutionary.”


Whether you have one team or 100, one player or 1,000, SquadLocker makes it easy to outfit any team or organization in two weeks or less. SquadLocker’s instant online stores that never close serve up over 60,000 options from the world’s best apparel and gear brands, decorated with your specific logos. Every store merchandising and logo design is custom and free. Every order is processed individually with no minimums. SquadLocker has forever changed the way Commissioners, Athletic Directors, Coaches, Parents, Captains and Club Leaders manage their group’s decorated apparel and gear needs.


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