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Date: 9/4/19




September 4, 2019 (DETROIT) – Xenith announced today that Antonio Brown, Raiders wide receiver, will be wearing a Xenith Shadow this season.

“NFL athletes have a choice in what helmet they wear. I choose Xenith,” said Brown. “It’s not easy to make a change like this so far into your career, but the Xenith Shadow was the only helmet that could fit my needs on the field.” Watch the video announcement HERE.

The Xenith Shadow, Xenith’s flagship helmet, is the most advanced helmet in the game. Designed for the athlete, and rigorously engineered and tested for the field, the Xenith Shadow is an evolution of the company’s patented Adaptive Fit technology which decouples the head from the hit. Its streamlined design improves fit and protection while increasing comfort and agility.

Thoughtfully designed to provide balanced weight distribution, the Xenith Shadow feels light and responsive, allowing for quickness and speed on the field, while still ensuring a stable fit.

“At Xenith, our entire business is built around designing for the football athlete – having one of the best athletes in the game choose the Xenith Shadow is an absolute honor,” said Ryan Sullivan, Xenith CEO. “From the first conversation we had with Antonio and his business partner Connor Kroll, it has been a collaborative effort – from designing for his on-field performance needs and high standards, to the values we share on and off the field, we look forward to many more collaborations with AB.”

Xenith and Antonio Brown look towards the future in creating a partnership that is larger than football. With a shared passion for community building, furthering the athlete’s pursuit, and making the game of football accessible for athletes at all levels and from all beginnings, #XenithIsBOOMIN.

Antonio Brown joins Xenith’s growing family of football athletes from youth to professional – including NFL ambassadors Buffalo Bills Running Back and 15-year NFL veteran, Frank Gore, and Cleveland Browns Running Back, Nick Chubb.

“The Xenith Shadow is a manifestation of our ongoing commitment to being at the forefront of head-health and performance science, and integrating those insights into meaningful innovation for athletes on the field,” said Grant C. Goulet, PhD, Vice President, Product Innovation, Xenith.

Xenith products, including the new Xenith Shadow, can be found in all 32 NFL equipment rooms and have been worn on-field in the past seven Super Bowls. All Xenith helmets are Five-Star rated under the widely accepted Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings System and score in the “Top-Performing Group” of the NFL Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results. With product innovation led by Dr. Goulet, and additional research and guidance provided by Xenith’s Scientific Advisory Board of independent experts, Xenith is an industry leader in protective gear that performs to an athlete’s needs on the field.


About Xenith: 

Xenith creates top-rated football helmets, gear, and apparel designed, first and foremost, for the athlete. Their athlete-first design approach is backed by rigorous science, engineering, and innovation which transcends lab testing to address on-field needs. Xenith outfits the athlete from head to ankle in a premium suite of products designed to encourage their pursuit in playing, training, and living. 

All Xenith helmets are Five-Star rated under the widely accepted Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings System and score in the “Top-Performing Group” of the NFL Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results. Xenith is committed to democratizing protection by making top-rated helmets, shoulder pads, and gear available at an equitable price point for anyone who wants to play football – from youth, to varsity, to the pros. Xenith’s training and compression apparel give athletes the extra edge they demand to take their game to the next level.

Xenith sees football as a force for good in the community, and executes this vision with passion, purpose, and pride. For more information, please visit xenith.com.

Media contact:

Jamie Sherman, Xenith, PR Manager // jsherman@xenith.com

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