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SGMA News Alert: Formal Certification of Compliance with Product Safety Laws Now Required

Date: 11/13/08

Products Made Nov. 12th or Later Must Certify Compliance with Safety Laws

WASHINGTON, D.C. – November 13, 2008 – It’s now official.  Beginning on November 12, all goods rolling off the production line will be required to have a “General Certificate of Compliance” (GCC) stating that the shipment of products complies with all applicable Consumer Product Safety Act rules and all similar rules, bans, standards, and regulations applicable to the product or shipment under any Act enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  The responsibility for producing this documentation rests in the hands of the importer.

Click here for CPSC information on new reporting requirements for products made on or after Nov. 12.

Importers of products manufactured outside the U.S. must provide the certification of compliance with all product safety laws as required by the Consumer Product Safety Act.  The GCC must be available to the CPSC no later than the time when the product or shipment is available for inspection in the United States. 

Manufacturers of domestically made products must make the GCC available to the CPSC prior to the introduction of the product into domestic commerce.

Certificates can be made available to the CPSC in electronic form.  The GCC can also be provided to retailers and distributors electronically, as required by law.  It can be as simple as listing a URL on the outside of each container indicating where the GCC can be found.  In a victory for the industry, overseas manufacturers contracted to make products do not have to be identified as initially proposed. 
Required information on the GCC includes:
1.) Identification of product

2.) Citation of compliance with appropriate CPSC product regulation or statutory requirements
3.) Identification of importer or domestic manufacturer certifying compliance of product
4.) Contact information for test results

5.) Date and place where the product was manufactured and tested;
6.) Identification of any third-party laboratory that tested and certified the product as compliant
SGMA continues to work with the CPSC to clarify the classification of industry products. Additional information on the new product safety requirements is available on the SGMA website -- www.sgma.com.
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