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McDavid Now Open For Business 24/7

Date: 2/18/09

WOODBRIDGE, IL. – McDavid USA has launched a new business to business website that allows dealers and retailers direct access to the company's sales and shipment database. 

The new dealer website will allow McDavid’s team dealers and sporting goods retailers to access their accounts on-line to place orders, check the status of orders, check inventory and their sales history 24 hours a day. 

"This will give our dealers and retailers greater flexibility in placing orders or checking the status of orders,” said Bob McDavid, president of McDavid USA. 

“We understand the hours our dealers and retailers work, and sometimes they can't wait on the phone or cannot make calls during the day when they are doing business.  We receive faxes for orders at all hours of the night only to enter them the next day for shipment. Now, our customers can log on to the McDavid site and point and click their orders into our system and get an immediate response with an order number and expected date of shipment,” said McDavid. 

The new ordering system is expected to speed up the process and eliminate the need for time consuming follow up phone calls and faxes. "We just want to make it much easier for our customers to do business with McDavid," said Dave Doezie, National Sales Manager at McDavid.

McDavid is the leading manufacturer of sports medical products, protective equipment and protective apparel. The company was founded in 1969 by Dr Robert F. McDavid, who designed and developed the first lateral protective knee brace in football. Over the years, McDavid has fast become the leader in the sports medical industry developing innovative products that protect and prevent injuries for the professional, collegiate and active individual. For more information please visit www.mcdavidusa.com.

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