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McDavid Partners with Inside Lacrose to Boost On-Field Presence

Date: 2/23/09

WOODBRIDGE, IL. (February 23, 2009) – McDavid Sports Medicine has partnered with Inside Lacrosse as part of an effort to increase its presence within the lacrosse market. 

The arrangement with Inside Lacrosse gives McDavid’s HexPad collection of protective apparel an on-field presence at some premier collegiate lacrosse events this spring.  

The agreement comes just over a year after the company signed Ryan Boyle, one of the premier stars in professional lacrosse, to a partnership. Boyle is a member of the Philadelphia Barrage of Major League Lacrosse and the New York Titans of the National Lacrosse League.  

McDavid’s HexPad™ technology offers an added layer of protection for athletes that participate in contact sports. Athletes like Boyle rely on products like McDavid’s Thudd™ Short and HexPadTM Protective Body Shirt. The shirt is a modified pro-style short sleeve compression shirt with HexPads™ protecting the upper arms, shoulders, sternum, back and ribs. In addition to protection, the shirt and shorts offer lightweight, breathable, athletic foam that conforms to and stretches with body movement for continuous protection. The garments also use compression fabric that supports large muscle groups to reduce muscle pulls and fatigue.  

The partnership with Inside Lacrosse puts McDavid in front of well-over 100,000 core lacrosse enthusiasts giving the brand valuable on-field presence during premier events this spring, including:  

* The Face-Off Classic -featuring Princeton-Hopkins and Duke-Maryland at the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on February 28. 

* The Big City Classic -triple header on Apr 4, 2009 at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ featuring Virginia-North Carolina, Pennsylvania-Syracuse and the University of Delaware taking on Hofstra. 

* Day of Rivals - April 11 at M&T Bank Stadium on April 11 featuring Army-Navy and Johns Hopkins-Maryland. 

“Once they discover us we’ve found lacrosse players quickly and easily understand that HexPad offers added protection without sacrificing mobility, ” said Rey Corpuz, director of marketing for McDavid. “This partnership with Inside Lacrosse and the events that we will be involved with give us an opportunity to expand our messaging to this marketplace,” said Corpuz. 

McDavid is the leading manufacturer of sports medical products, protective equipment and protective apparel. Founded in 1969 by Dr Robert F. McDavid who designed and developed the first lateral protective knee brace in football. Over the years, McDavid has fast become the leader in the sports medical industry developing innovative products that protect and prevent injuries for the professional, collegiate and active individual. To learn more please visit www.mcdavidusa.com/


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