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New Made-in-America TriActive Fitness E-Line Outdoor Exercise Products Awarded Contractor Status for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule

Date: 5/29/09

TriActive Fitness E-Line Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A., Eco-Friendly

SAN LUIS OBISPO -  The new Made in the U.S.A. eco-Friendly TriActive Fitness E-Line is now available from TriActive America, the leading outdoor exercise equipment company!  Made of recycled steel and e-coated for extended durability, the nine new E-Line outdoor exercise products are designed and manufactured in the United States.
TriActive America has been awarded contractor status for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule for the TriActive Fitness E-Line. The nine products comprising the E-Line product family are GSA-approved. 

TriActive Fitness E-Line Product Details

  • The goal: to provide designed and manufactured in the United States environmentally friendly exercise equipment with extended durability and warranty. The new TriActive Fitness E-line products are suitable for fitness zones, fitness trails, parks, schools, outdoor gyms, organizations, medical centers, hotels, and recreational areas. 
  • The first introduction of this new exercise line features nine products in all different types of fitness categories: cardio, strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.
  • Manufactured in Michigan, with the protective e-coating and powder coating added in Chicago, the new TriActive Fitness E-Line outdoor exercise products are designed and made in the U.S.A. of recycled steel.

“The new TriActive E-Line expands the success story of my company, TriActive America, which pioneered the concept of outdoor exercise equipment in America,” states TriActive CEO James P. Sargen.  “Our company has worked to continuously to improve the quality and durability of our products.  When we learned about the needs of our customers who reside in areas subject to weather extremes, we decided to develop a new line of products specifically designed and manufactured to deal with these weather issues.  After exploring various options, we chose E-coating, which is an electrostatic bonding process that offers long-term durability, and is environmentally friendly.”

In our environmentally conscientious age, the dual strengths of the new line are significant, noted Sargen. “In addition, we take pride in the fact that this new line is made in America, and is being manufactured in a factory in Michigan. The recognition from GSA that we now produce outdoor exercise equipment of such high caliber that we qualify to sell it directly to the government is monumental with regard to the growing success and achievement of TriActive America.”

The GSA develops government contracts with companies such as TriActive America.  This process helps government offices, agencies, and entities to expedite the ordering of products and services that have been carefully reviewed and pre-approved as worth the money.

TriActive America received the contract award under Authorized Federal Supply Schedule 192-08 Fitness Equipment, GSA Contract Number: GS-03F-0098V.

The new TriActive Fitness E-Line, together with the traditional TriActive Fitness outdoor exercise equipment, is now available. For more information and a free catalog on this great opportunity, contact TriActive America at 1-800-587-4228, visit the Web site (http://www.triactiveamerica.com/), or email staff@triactiveamerica.com.

About TriActive America
TriActive America’s eco-friendly outdoor fitness products are designed for a range of  environments and are installed in parks, schools, hospitals, corporations, resorts, hotels, military bases, organizations such as YMCAs, hotels, residential communities, around community lakes, and along fitness trails.  All types of exercise products are available from TriActive, including cardiovascular, strength-training, balance, flexibility, and coordination equipment.
TriActive America, the leading source for high-quality outdoor exercise equipment, has been awarded contractor status for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule for the TriActive Fitness E-Line, which is designed and manufactured in the United States and GSA-approved. 
Today’s exercisers want fitness products that are effective and environmentally friendly, and TriActive America has succeeded in meeting that challenge. Requiring no electricity, TriActive America fitness products rely solely on “people power!”
The full line of outdoor fitness products, which number more than 50, can be viewed on the company’s Web site: http://www.triactiveamerica.com/

Editors:  Please contact Joanne Eglash, jeglash@triactiveamerica.com, for additional information, photos, and/or quotes.

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