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SGMA's Annual Sports Participation Study to Examine Fandom

Date: 3/1/10

JUPITER, FLORIDA – March 1, 2010 -- For the first time in the 10-year history of SGMA’s Annual Sports & Fitness Participation Study, there will be new questions added to look at ‘fandom’ for the many sports and related activities that affect sports participation habits. In order to accurately reflect this data, the SGMA has opted to be consistent with the other consumer studies that ask a ‘fandom’ question as part of its annual measurements. As part of this inaugural effort, the study will examine ‘fandom’ for 20 different sports and activities. The sports included are college baseball, college basketball, college football, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, international soccer, men’s tennis, women’s tennis, NASCAR, National Basketball Association, Women’s National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League, Olympic Games (Summer), Olympic Games (Winter), PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Ultimate Fighting Championship, WWE, and the X-Games.

In addition to the ‘fandom’ questions, there is also a question that looks at licensed merchandise sales for both professional and college sports. With these combined questions, you can now get access to some very specific data for those that are fans of a sport or league and have made licensed merchandise purchases in the past year.

“There is no question that ‘fandom’ is one of the many reasons why someone decides to play or participate in a particular sport or activity,” said Keith Storey, vice president of SGMA Research. “Our desire is to capture this data in order to help the users of SGMA’s Sports & Fitness Participation Study gain a strategic advantage by gaining a great understanding of influences and motivations.”

The SGMA plans to publish a new report titled: Fandom…And It’s Effect on Sports Participation and Licensed Merchandise Sales. The cost for this report will be $699.00 for current SGMA members and $899.00 for non-members.

If you would like to learn more about the Fandom…And It’s Effect on Sports Participation and Licensed Merchandise Sales, please contact Neil Schwartz at SGMA Research (561-350-5502 or neil.schwartz@sportsmarketingsurveys.com).

SGMA Research is the exclusive provider of research and analysis for SGMA. Current studies include:

  • Annual Sports & Fitness Participation Study
  • Individual Sport Reports
  • State of the Industry Report
  • Industry Shipments Report

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