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SGMA and NSGA Meet To Discuss Working Together in the Future

Date: 5/14/10

MOUNT PROSPECT, IL and SILVER SPRING, MD – May 13, 2010 -- The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) and the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) are now having substantive discussions about working together on projects and initiatives that will benefit the membership of both organizations.  Following last week’s NSGA Management Conference at the Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Florida, the presidents of both SGMA and NSGA and some of their key staff met face-to-face to discuss the idea of how SGMA and NSGA could and should be working together as a ‘team’ on certain issues throughout the year.  At the end of their three-hour meeting on Thursday, May 6th at Saddlebrook, SGMA’s Tom Cove and NSGA’s Matt Carlson agreed that the time is right for the two industry trade associations to work as a team on mutually important topics and concerns.

“Our goal with this meeting was to start the process to identify issues in the sporting goods world which affect both SGMA members and NSGA members, recognizing the important role each association plays representing their core constituencies,” said NSGA’s Carlson.  “It seems to be in the best interests of the sporting goods industry for the two organizations to cooperate on ‘big picture’ issues and not compete against each other where our missions are shared.”

“The discussion was very positive and sincere, with a real sense that much of what separated us in the past has no relevance today.    The willingness and desire by the staffs of SGMA and NSGA to work together for the overall benefit of the sporting goods industry bodes well for the future,” said SGMA’s Cove.  “I think we both look forward to making a difference on industry-wide matters which deserve the mutual support of both organizations.”

According to Carlson and Cove, both organizations agreed that the key to the success of this NSGA-SGMA cooperation is for both groups to show mutual respect for each other and to identify action steps on which immediate progress can be made.  For example, the groups plan to work together to educate the industry on proposed equipment and uniform rules and standards changes that might affect sale and management of inventory.  In addition, they plan to join efforts to promote industry-friendly legislation such as funding the Carol M. White P.E.P Act and the PHIT (Personal Health Investment Today) bill.  While those in the meeting walked out extremely optimistic about the immediate future, both leaders agreed that it’s important to manage expectations and to work one issue at a time.  A future meeting is planned to take place next month (June).

For further information, contact:
NSGA:  Matt Carlson, President & CEO at 847.296.6742
SGMA:  Tom Cove, President & CEO at 301.495.6321

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