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"Dance Your Ass Off" Episode Features Hyper Best Pro Weight Vest

Date: 7/27/10

Austin, TX – Hyper Wear, LLC, a fitness, health and wellness startup, is pleased to announce that Hyper Wear’s patented Hyper Vest® Pro weighted vest was featured in an episode of “Dance Your Ass Off,” a dance and weight loss reality show appearing on NBC Universal’s Oxygen network www.oxygen.com.

Contestants, several weeks into their dance and weight loss program, were required to run a mile wearing a Hyper Vest Pro Pro adjustable weight vest loaded with enough weight to equal their weight loss to date: anywhere from 40 pounds to over 50 pounds. The test provided a great way to appreciate their weight loss accomplishments to date.

Hyper Wear President and founder Cosmo Raines explains: “I am excited to see my patented weight vest used in a way that shows both its weight loss application and that it is the thinnest and best running or walking weighted vest. It’s rewarding to have a product that can be used to fight obesity in addition to its known benefits for strength and speed training for athletes.”

The Hyper Vest® Pro weight vest is adjustable to weigh from 5 to over 50 lbs, and is the thinnest and coolest weight vest ever made.

About Hyper Wear: Hyper Wear, LLC (Hyper Wear®), was founded to bring innovative products to market in the areas of fitness, health and wellness. Its innovative products include the Hyper Vest® Pro weight vest, Hyper Vest Cool™ ice vest for pre-cooling and recovery, SandBell® sandbag weights and SteelBell™ steel shot filled weights. In May 2009, Men’s Health Magazine described the Hyper Vest the best weight vest, and Hyper Wear’s products have also been featured in Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, the L.A. Times, and Chicago Tribune. Nationally recognized speed, strength, and agility coach and fitness expert, Jim Liston, M. Ed., CSCS, chairs the Hyper Wear Advisory Board, and is President and Co-Founder of CATZ (Competitive Athlete Training Zone – www.catzsports.com) and Advisor to Men’s Health Magazine and Children’s Health Magazine and the FitSchools Foundation mhfitschools.menshealth.com. For more information on Hyper Wear, www.hyperwear.com or call toll free 888-460-0628.

For more information, contact: Suzi Raines, Hyper Wear- 888.460.0628; suzi@hyperwear.com

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