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5 Sports Safety Tips for Concussion Protection

Date: 8/3/10

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   5 Sports Safety Tips for Concussion Protection

As concussion concerns escalate, Brain-Pad releases a list of best practices for professional and youth athletes to lower their risk during fall sports 

Conshohocken, PA —August 3, 2010—In a few short weeks, teams across the country will kick-off the 2010 football season. And this year, preventing concussions is top of mind for athletes and sports officials from the NFL to the high school level with new regulations and educational material aimed to better protect players. Brain-Pad®, a leader in mouth guards and athletic products that reduce the risk of concussions while increasing endurance and performance, has been helping athletes with concussion prevention for over 15 years.

Today, the Brain-Pad experts offer five concussion prevention tips for sports player and parents in preparation for the start of the fall sports season.

Proper exercise and training. Regular neck exercises to strengthen and elongate the muscles can help provide stronger support during impact. A strong neck can keep muscles in place and lessen the impact of jolts to the head that can cause concussions. Don’t forget the mouth guard. Many think a mouth guard is effective just to protect the teeth. But studies have shown mouth guards can reduce lower jaw impact that causes concussions. A dual arch mouth guard, like Brain-Pad’s line of performance mouth guards, is the best concussion defense for inside your mouth. Unlike traditional mouth guards that offer protection for either the upper or lower teeth only, Brain-Pad is a dual arch or bi-molar mouth guard that stabilizes the jaw into a neutral position, creating a safety space at the base of the skull that greatly reduces the risk of jaw impact concussions, TMJ injuries, and injuries caused by hits to the face mask. Listen to your body. One of the most important things a player can do is recognize the warning signs of a concussion. A common misconception is that unconsciousness must occur if it’s a concussion injury. Symptoms can be as subtle as a headache, fatigue, confusion, dizziness, sensitivity to light or nausea. Speak up. If you are a player or a parent and think a concussion injury may have occurred, let the coach or trainer know immediately. It is better to be mistaken than to go days without treatment because of uncertainty. Know the concussion myths. A concussion does not only occur from hits to the top of the head. A player can also suffer a concussion from lower jaw impact and hits to below the chin. That’s another reason why dual arch mouth guards like Brain-Pad are an important piece of concussion prevention.           

“The fall sports season is an exciting time but it is also a risky time for athletes if they are not properly protected,” says Joe Manzo, President of Brain-Pad. “In high school sports alone, more than 400,000 concussions occurred last year nationwide. Head injuries don’t discriminate by age or athletic ability. All players are vulnerable, especially our youth leagues.  It’s important for both parents and players to know the warning signs and use protective gear that will lower their risk. We are happy to see that sports organizations are finally recognizing the need for regulations to better protect athletes. Our mouth guards have been designed for internal head and jaw protection and we look forward to arming more athletes with concussion prevention this season.” Brain-Pad mouth guards are available at leading athletic retailers including Wal-Mart® stores nationwide and retail between $7 and $34.95 based on the model. Additional product details can be found by visiting www.Brainpads.com. Interviews with Joe Manzo about these concussion prevention tips and Brain-Pad mouth guards are available by contacting Alicia Buonanno at 610-228-2096 or Alicia@GregoryFCA.com.

ABOUT BRAIN-PAD, INC. A privately held corporation, founded in 1995 specifically for the promotion, manufacture, and sale of customized Brain-Pad® dual-arch mouth-guards designed to reduce the risk of concussion from lower jaw impacts while increasing endurance and performance. Brain-Pad, Inc. has become a leader in technology development in this field. Its Brain-Pad® products are available in retail and wholesale outlets as well as through distributors, contact sports leagues, professional organizations, school teams at intermediate, high-school, college, and university level. Brain-Pad® products are well-accepted by professional sports athletes in boxing, mixed martial arts, football and many other contact sports. Brain-Pad® products also include shock-absorbing wrist, arm and head-bands as well as: juniors', women's, men's, and professional athlete's dual-arch protective and high performance mouth-guards. Additionally, Brain-Pad, Inc. recently developed, patented, and commercially released a premium ultra-violet/ozone oral appliance sanitizer, the NatureZone™, available to the retailers and distributors but exclusively distributed to the professional dental industry by Henry Schein, Inc., the largest global distributor of dental and medical products to dentists, dental laboratories and physicians. Brain-Pad, Inc.'s corporate headquarters are located in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. For product or company details contact 610-397-0893, info@brainpads.com, or visit www.brainpads.com. 

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