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Adrian Gonzalez and Tater Grip Connect for a Big Hit

Date: 9/16/10

Padres Superstar Signs as Spokesman for Bat Grip Company

Vista, CA (September 14, 2010) – Padres superstar Adrian Gonzalez has signed an endorsement contract with Vista-based Tater Grip, the baseball bat grip company announced today.  With this announcement, Tater Grip launches it product nationwide.

“I am proud to endorse a product like Tater Grip that is not only cool, but increases performance” Adrian Gonzalez, All Star First Baseman.

Tater Grip’s new patented, proprietary technology, ultimately a slide and shrink-to-fit installation system, allows ball players to custom design a bat handle label which is then visible through the slide-on, clear rubber grip.  Tater Grip comes packaged air-tight in a proprietary solvent which expands the grip to three times its normal size.  Installation is easy, just remove the grip from the package and slide it over the bat knob.  Within a couple of hours, it forms and shrinks to the bat handle’s size. 

“We are excited to have such a high-profile and well-respected major league player as Adrian Gonzalez behind our product,” says Tater Grip owner Craig Pollard.  “To have one of the game’s top players endorsing and using Tater Grip is fantastic.” 

Gonzalez, who got a base hit in his first at-bat using Tater Grip, customized his grip with The Bible Verse Psalm 27:1 Customizing the grip is very easy.  Simply go to www.Tatergrip.com, click the Create Label button, then choose from a wide selection of stock labels or use the custom label creator to make your own. Solid color Tater Grips are also available.

“As a manufacturer of golf grips, we wanted to bring the same performance and durability aspects that the golf industry has to a baseball bat grip,” says Pollard.  “The problem has always been getting the grip over the knob of the bat – we don’t have that issue with golf club shafts.  Using this new patented Slide and Shrink-to-Fit technology, we overcame that issue.  Being able to offer custom labels makes the grip not only fun and cool, but completely unique.”

In addition to being the only customizable baseball bat grip, Tater Grip provides the ultimate in performance and durability.  Made from 100% Duralast rubber, the product is guaranteed not to crack, fade, harden or become slick, and is UV and OV protected.  The proprietary Duralast rubber also provides shockwave resistance and will not torque like synthetic leather wraps.  Tater Grip’s technology has proven successful in golf grips and has never been available for baseball bat grips until now.  Tater Grip retails for $19.99, including the custom label, and is available at www.tatergrip.com.

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