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Evoshield Rib Guard protects Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton

Date: 10/18/10


Lauren Richardson

EvoShield / www.Evoshield.com

Phone: (770) 725 2724 ext. 61270


Evoshield protects Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton as his team beat the Tampa Bay Rays, winning a postseason series game for the first time in franchise history.

Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida—October 13, 2010—The Texas Rangers beat the Tampa Bay Rays to win their first postseason series game in the franchise history.  Josh Hamilton, elite athlete for the Texas Rangers, continued to be a strong player for the Rangers, despite his recent rib injury.  His success is thanks to his Evoshield Rib Guard, which has provided him with proper protection for his injured rib.

In a recent quote in the Texas Ranger’s Blog on ESPN, Hamilton spoke of his Evoshield Rib Guard:

"Those pads helped tremendously," Hamilton said, placing his left hand over the ribs he cracked famously crashing into a wall more than a month ago. "I came all the way up on the base and I didn't feel anything.”

Evoshield is changing everything you thought you knew about sports protection.  Evoshield protective gear is evolving elite performance by providing athletes with thinner, lighter, stronger performance protective gear..  The unique aspect of Evoshield is found in its technology.  The motto has become “Rip It.  Fit It.  Wear It.”  Soft gel pads are air activated and harden to the athlete’s body to ensure a custom fit.  Once molded to the body, the pads become shields that fit comfortably into a performance shirt, easily concealed under the athlete’s uniform.  Evoshield is a growing brand amongst elite athletes in baseball, football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer and softball. 

Now protecting more than 150 professional and collegiate programs, Evoshield is the brand that elite athletes look to for ultimate protection and comfort.  Evoshield’s revolutionary technology has created a new standard in protective gear.  Bulky and restrictive foam or plastic padding is a thing of the past.  EvoShield is different; the combination of slim, form-fitting, breathable shields enables freer athletic movement while maintaining stronger safety – the ultimate athletic protective gear.

For further information on the Evoshield product line and a more in-depth description of the protection offered, please visit www.Evoshield.com

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