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EvoShield Makes Custom Protective Gear for Eagles' Michael Vick

Date: 11/8/10


Contact: Lauren Richardson, EvoShield


P: (770) 725.2724

Indianapolis—November 7, 2010—The Philadelphia Eagles are now 5-3 after their big win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.  Michael Vick was back in the game after missing three consecutive games due to a rib injury he sustained on October 3rd of this year.  Before his injury, Vick was playing at his career best with six touchdown passes and no interceptions thrown in this 2010 season.  Vick picked up where he left off in last Sunday’s matchup between the Eagles and the Colts, thanks in part to his custom-fitting protective gear. 

As seen on CNBC last week (http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232play=1&video=1630688766 (video), http://www.cnbc.com/id/39950568 (article)), Michael Vick returned to the field wearing EvoShield - the latest in athletic protective gear.  Once EvoShield’s soft pads are ripped out of the foil package, they harden in about 10 minutes, transforming into protective Shields.   Though Vick was wearing EvoShield’s protective rib Shields when he was injured in October, the injury was sustained high up on the chest where he was unprotected.  EvoShield stepped in and added custom chest shields to his current rib protection in order to ensure safety against any further injury.  The new gear served Vick well, as he completed 19 out of 27 passes for a touchdown and a total of 218 yards to come out ahead of Colt’s Peyton Manning. 

EvoShield is today’s innovator of performance protective apparel - thinner, lighter, yet stronger gear designed to make athletes faster while protecting them better. Now protecting more than 200 professional and collegiate teams, EvoShield’s mission is to provide athletes with the most innovative, performance-driven gear available.  After years of extensive research, design, field and laboratory testing, the Company touts remarkable, impact-dispersing protective wear for athletes.  Each product is designed to allow athletes full range of motion while uniquely guarding the body.  To shield players on the gridiron, EvoShield offers a protective Rib Shirt, thigh guards, wrist guards, and multi-purpose guards to help prevent thumb, hand and toe injuries. 

For more information about EvoShield and its unique protection visit www.EvoShield.com.  


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