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McDavid Signs New Endurance Athlete

Date: 12/3/10

Woodridge, Ill. – Dec. 3, 2010 – Ultrarunner Tim Long joins an extensive list of elite performers across several major sports as the newest McDavid USA Team Athlete. Long’s endorsement deal is official through Dec. 31, 2011.
“Tim is our new front man for endurance running, focusing on extensive train methods and the process of recovery,” Rey Corpuz, director of marketing for McDavid said. “He has been using our compression and recovery products for a few months now, and we’re looking forward to working together in an official capacity to help us further develop the line.”
Long, who averages 60 to 90 miles a week and has placed first in multiple long-run competitions throughout the country, says that among all the McDavid products he has tried, he cannot live without the True Compression Leg Sleeves, True Compression Recovery Suit, Recovery Socks, Performance Arm Sleeves and Thermal Arm Sleeves.
“What I most appreciate about McDavid is that it is the one company that really focuses on the recovery aspect,” Long said. “I’ve used a lot of companies’ products over the years, but most of them focus on competition gear. With McDavid, I can use the leg sleeves while I’m running and then throw on the recovery socks and tights afterward to help restore my body.”
Long wore McDavid for the first time in September 2010. He wore compression leg sleeves during a 100 mile race and then changed into the recovery socks and tights afterward. That race was part of 217 miles he ran in a 42 day span. He says the McDavid gear played a large role in his ability to recover quickly and keep moving.
“Obviously, a lot goes into training,” Long said. “But it’s very rare even for ultrarunners to run that many miles during a short time period. Most recover for a month after a 100 mile race. Your body is absolutely destroyed afterward. The leg sleeves helped keep my muscles in place as I pounded the floor and the recovery gear was vital.”
Long is scheduled to run at least one major race per month in 2011. The competitions include 34 mile, 100 mile and even 24 hour runs.
Long is the first ultrarunner to join the McDavid team, which includes the NBA’s Dwyane Wade and Corey Maggette, NFL’s Knowshon Moreno, Skiier Ashley Battersby and Snowboarder Nick Baumgartner, among others.
“We are always up to something new in every sport, and our latest deal with Tim is helping us reach new levels in the endurance training realm,” Corpuz said. “Our compression apparel has been around for 20 years, but the market has been saturated with products that are now being designed for comfort rather than increasing performance.”
McDavid’s True Compression and Recovery (TCR) System is designed to increase the athlete’s performance during training, the day of competition and the time the athlete needs to recover in order to start the process all over again.
According to Long, McDavid offers something truly different, and doesn’t disappoint.
McDavid Inc. is a Chicago-based, world provider of sports medicine products and protective performance apparel.
Lauren Novo
Account Executive
180 Communications
(850) 412-0300

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