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Dwyane Wade Renews Endorsement Deal with McDavid

Date: 1/20/11

Media Contact:
Lauren Novo

Thursday, Jan. 20, 2010

MIAMI – Jan. 20, 2010 – Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade has announced that he will continue to wear and endorse McDavid’s HexPad performance apparel and sports medicine products – the gear that has helped him stay protected and at the top of his game since 2005. Wade signed a multi-year contract.

“I’ve been with McDavid for years because it is the only company to make a truly protective product for professional players,” Wade said. “There is a reason why the overwhelming majority of the league uses these products and why I don’t hesitate to ‘take it to the hoop’ when wearing HexPad. It works.”

Wade is now also endorsing McDavid’s recovery line, which launched this season and includes socks, arm sleeves, leg sleeves and a shirt and pant suit. These products are geared to fit snug, increase the blood circulation and reduce the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles after a game or training session.

Wade says the HexPad provides the protection he needs on the court, whereas the recovery system restores his body after his intense workouts.

Per the new contract, Wade also will work closely with McDavid to develop future products and influence design.

“This adds a new dimension to our product development process,” Rey Corpuz, McDavid’s marketing director said. “We already work with top professionals and trainers for the functional aspects of our products. Now we can incorporate a little D-Wade flare to future concepts we are working on.”

Wade is known for sporting wraparound Thudd shorts; the Hexmesh top with HexPad protection at the ribs and spine; HexPad power shooter arm sleeves; HexPad compression leg sleeves and the 195 ultralite ankle brace. And according to Corpuz, Wade will lead the way in making McDavid recovery products a must-have throughout the NBA.

“Wade is one of the most explosive players of our time,” Terry Fee, McDavid’s vice president said. “His use of our HexPad products and now our recovery line shows our commitment to true athletes.”


McDavid products are used by more than 90 percent of professional basketball teams, 50 percent of professional football teams and almost all collegiate teams. HexPad is an exclusive and proprietary technology that bonds small hex-shaped athletic pads right onto the fabric, creating a lightweight and breathable protective layer that moves with and conforms to the athletes. For more information, visit http://www.mcdavidusa.com.

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