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Schutt Sports Launches All-New Virtual Catalog

Date: 3/1/11

Media Contact:
Glenn Beckmann
Schutt Sports
800-426-9784, ext. 2147

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Litchfield, Ill. – Tuesday, March 1, 2011 – Schutt Sports, the world’s leading maker of football helmets and faceguards, has officially launched its fully interactive, 2011 virtual catalog. This new tool will give everyone involved in the game – fans, coaches, parents, team dealers, equipment managers – the chance to learn more about Schutt equipment and how it stacks up against other gear on the field.
The Schutt Virtual Catalog went live online this week after nearly six months in development; the company emphasizes the online catalog is not just another website.
“It’s not so much a website, as it is a fully interactive experience with our catalog,” Glenn Beckmann, marketing communications manager for Schutt Sports, said. “It allows users to truly experience the Schutt brand and all that it offers.”
The Schutt Virtual Catalog will feature media content, videos and other interactive features. Users will be able to download, print or share the catalog with others via email or social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
“Not only will this be a great marketing tool,” Schutt Regional Sales Manager Mark Watts said, “it will be a great educational tool for everyone who wants to learn more about Schutt helmets, shoulder pads and other protective gear.
"If someone wants to find out the differences between large standoff helmets and traditional helmets, or if they want to learn about TPU Cushioning, or compare the ION 4D with other helmets in the game, this new virtual catalog will do it for them. It’s going to be a great way for our team dealer network to continue learning about our product line and how to present it – and share it – with their customers.”
The Schutt Virtual Catalog will be available both online and offline. It will be available as a CD, but will only be updated annually while the online version will be updated continuously.
The Schutt Virtual Catalog is accessible to all, including football players themselves.
“With just over 7 million athletes playing football every year, it’s impossible for us to sit down with each of them individually and afford them the chance to experience the Schutt brand in the way we want them to,” Beckmann said. “This way, each one of those players – from Pop Warner to NFL athletes – has the chance to experience our story and learn firsthand why we’re the world’s #1 maker of football helmets.”
You can access the new Schutt Virtual Catalog at: www.connectwithemerge.com/schuttsports. For more information on Schutt Sports, please visit: www.schuttsports.com.


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