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McDavid® to Reveal New Women’s Recovery Line

Date: 3/23/11

CHICAGO – Wednesday, March 23, 2011 – As the top NCAA basketball players endure the final battle scars of the season in pursuit of a national championship, McDavid® will unveil the future of recovery apparel for female athletes. The Chicago-based provider of sports medical products and protective performance apparel plans to showcase an all-new recovery line during the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WCBA) National Convention, April 1-5 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Released originally in fall 2010 as a unisex item, the True Compression Recovery Suit is designed to be worn after heavy competition and grueling workouts; it utilizes gradient compression technology to increase blood circulation in targeted areas of the body, thereby promoting faster and more complete recovery of torn and damaged muscle tissue. This allows the athlete to train or perform just as hard the day after such hard workouts and competition, increasing their overall athletic performance.

The reveal of the women-specific recovery line is coming after a long effort in revamping the women’s styles, enhancing the gradient compression technology, and overall improving the line to benefit women athletes to perform better no matter what sport or physical activity they are participating in.

“There’s finally been a shift in the way female athletes are training for sports – for the better,” McDavid® Marketing Associate Lindsey Carland said. “Women train just as hard as men, in some cases maybe harder.  Maximizing performance for all athletes was the goal for this new line for 2012.  The McDavid® True Compression and Recovery line does just that.”

McDavid®representatives intend to show attending coaches how the new (and more feminine) style and fit will benefit their players. The feedback will help the company perfect the products before the official release.

“We’ve historically carried women-specific garments,” Carland said, “but McDavid® is hoping to cultivate new, exciting products that will prevent injury and protect athletes – who happen to be female. We want to tailor the gear to the players’ wants, and more importantly, to their gender-specific needs.”

Current women-specific McDavid® products include compression shorts, HexPad® combo sliding shorts, padded sliding shorts, Fusion™ sports bras, HexPad® sports bras, and HexPad® V-Hex™ body shirts. Many of these items feature HexPad® technology, which consists of a lightweight, breathable, closed cell foam pads that move with and conform to the body, providing maximum protection.

For more information on McDavid, visit: www.mcdavidusa.com.

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