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McDavid Signs Second Endurance Team Athlete

Date: 4/18/11

Media Contact:
Lauren Novo

Woodridge, Ill. – Monday, April 18, 2011 – Ultrarunner Todd Braje has officially signed on as the newest McDavid USA Team Athlete. He joins Tim Long as the second national endurance athlete representative for the company. 

“Todd has been using our products for several months now, thanks to a tip he received from Tim Long,” Rey Corpuz, director of marketing for McDavid said. “It’s really cool to see how quickly our endorsement team is growing, especially when one partnership directly leads to another.”

Braje, who averages 13 to 16 miles a day and has placed first in multiple long-run competitions throughout the country, says what sets McDavid apart from other brands is that it makes a full range of products.

“Before I discovered McDavid, I used to wear competition leg sleeves after races to try and help with recovery,” Braje said. “With McDavid, I can use the True Compression Leg Sleeves while I’m running and then use the True Compression Recovery (TCR) System afterward to help restore my body. Very few companies make products with recovery technology and none make it like McDavid.”

McDavid’s TCR System is designed to increase the athlete’s performance during training, the day of competition and the time the athlete needs to recover in order to start the process all over again.

Most recently, Braje wore McDavid products during the 100k national road championships in Madison, Wis.  He wore the compression leg sleeves during the race and then changed into the recovery tights and socks later. Braje finished third overall, with the fourth fastest time in the history of the race.

As part of the new partnership, Braje will also be involved with future product development, providing feedback to McDavid.

“It is a really neat opportunity to work with a company that wants to develop products and great gear for ultrarunners,” Braje said. “They want my input and I’m excited to give it.”

Braje started racing in high school and then began competing in marathons after college. About three years ago, he completed his first ultra-marathon, sparking his passion for the sport. He’s done everything from mountain to trail to road races, and has even competed for U.S. Teams and large individual races.

In addition to racing, Braje is a professor in California, and will be joining San Diego State University as an archaeology professor in the fall.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever just be an ultrarunner,” Braje said. “But it’s such a huge and important part of my life. I’ve got a regimen and it works. And I’m really glad McDavid is part of that.”

Other McDavid USA Team Athletes include the NBA’s Corey Maggette, 2011 Winter X Games Champion Nick Baumgartner and the U.S. National Bobsled Team’s Megan Hill.


McDavid is a Chicago-based, world provider of sports medicine products, protective performance apparel and recovery gear.

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