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Schutt Sports Responds to 10-Year-And-Out Helmet Rule Change with New Trade-In Program

Date: 4/18/11

Media Contact:
Glenn Beckmann
800-426-9784, ext. 2147

Litchfield, Ill. – Monday, April 18, 2011 – Schutt Sports announced a helmet trade-in program today in response to a new rule by The National Athletic Equipment Reconditioning Association (NAERA), which as of Sept. 1, 2011 will prohibit all helmet and equipment refurbishers, like Schutt Reconditioning, from reconditioning or re-certifying any football helmet that is 10 years old or older.
This rule has long been debated in the industry and Schutt has consistently emphasized the unforeseen consequences of this type of policy, should it be mandated. 
“We know this policy is going to be a financial burden on many teams, schools and organizations,” Robert Erb, president and CEO of Schutt Sports said. “That's why we're offering our 2011 Spring Trade-In Program – as a means to lessen the impact of replacing older helmets.”
Per the program’s guidelines, participants can earn up to a $30 credit towards the purchase of a new Schutt football helmet with each helmet they return to the company. Teams returning helmets that are 10 years old and older can earn a $10 or $15 credit toward the purchase of a new Schutt youth helmet and a $30 credit towards a varsity helmet.
Some helmet manufacturers have enacted such 10-years-and-out policies in the past; Schutt Sports and its reconditioning division, have not.
“We have always believed (and still do) that the decision to get rid of a helmet should be made by the team and that a helmet that has been reconditioned properly and in a timely manner will pass the re-certification process,” Craig Scott, National Director of Sales for Schutt Reconditioning said. “But as a member of NAERA, we have an obligation to comply with this new policy. As long as we're a member of NAERA, we'll comply with this new policy.”
Although Schutt may have differing views than NAERA on the most effective and realistic ways to keep athletes protected, Erb said, the company does believe the organization is mandating this new policy with athletes’ best interests at heart.
“Our primary focus is and always has been to provide players with the most advanced and best performing helmets on the market, so we can appreciate NAERA’s intentions,” Erb said. “We will continue moving forward in our research and development – so that when players come looking for their next helmet, in one year or in 10 years, we’ve got something technologically superior to what they had before.”
Along the way, Schutt plans to continue offering programs like the spring trade-in to help its loyal customers.
The program is valid through June 15, 2011. For more information, contact your local authorized Schutt Dealer or Schutt Sports directly: Jennifer Rushton at jrushton@schutt-sports.com or 800.426.9784, ext. 2119.


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