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Glove Color Rule Delayed Implementation (2012)

Date: 4/20/11

The Football Rules Committee recently proposed a rules change concerning the color of gloves used during competition. As part of the NCAA’s playing rules process, a membership comment period was conducted and several Division II and III members raised concerns regarding the proposed rule’s immediate implementation. While the rule is actually less restrictive than the one that preceded it, some institutions indicated that gloves had already been ordered for two seasons; others noted that purchases had been made for the upcoming season before this rule was proposed.

The Division I membership was strongly supportive of the new rule and did not mention any material concerns with immediately eliminating the restriction.

In the past week, the Football Rules Committee and Playing Rules Oversight Panel reviewed the rule as well as comments received. Both groups have voted to delay implementation of the new glove rule until the 2012 competition season for Divisions II and III, while retaining the original implementation date of 2011 for Division I only.

If you have any concerns with this action, please contact Ty Halpin (thalpin@ncaa.org) at the NCAA.

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