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McDavid U.S.A. Hits a Home Run in Major League Baseball

Date: 5/25/11

CHICAGO – Wednesday, May 25, 2011 – We are almost halfway into MLB 2011, and already we've seen some of baseball's most well-known names on the disabled list.  Now more than ever, professional athletes are looking for ways to protect themselves during the game – especially pitchers whose arms have to maintain a 162 game schedule.
McDavid USA, a Chicago-based sporting goods company is an industry leader in protective equipment and is making a huge splash in major league baseball. ESPN: The Magazine recently published an article showing McDavid's dual density HexPad/arm sleeve as one of the "must haves" for baseball players.
Bryan Henry, a Team USA Selection last fall and a former ACC Pitcher of the Year out of Florida State, at times has worn a McDavid arm sleeve between innings. Henry, a right-hander for  Double-A Mobile (Ala.) in the Arizona Diamondbacks' organization, likes the sleeve's comfort.
"It also helps keep my arm warm and helps with better muscle recovery," Henry said.
Diamondbacks 12th round selection from 2008, Ollie Linton, wears the McDavid compression leg sleeves in the outfield.  The former UC-Irvine star says he really likes the way the McDavid products work.
"They are effective and comfortable," said Linton. "I like the feeling of keeping my muscles warm, nice and tight, until I am ready to play. They are very comfortable; you barely notice the sleeves. I feel a lot warmer and more prepared to play opposed to not having them on."
Doug Wisner, McDavid’s marketing product manager, said he is certain that the company will have an impact on baseball protective apparel, and is confident that McDavid will be part of the MLB for years to come.
"Compression is great for decreasing the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles," said Wisner. "After throwing, pitchers are often required some rest based on the amount of pitches thrown in a game.  The use of the McDavid arm sleeve will help decrease the build-up of lactic acid (commonly known as "pooling of blood") and prevent some of the soreness a pitcher may experience the following day.  This is true for fielders too.  Infielders and outfields gain an additional benefit as the sleeve protects against abrasions which they may encounter diving for baseballs or sliding into bases."
The fabric from the McDavid HexPad compression sleeve is sleek and also reduces cramping, soreness and fatigue.  Hitters can wear the arm sleeve for added protection at the plate and pitcher can wear the regular arm sleeve without pads for keeping their arm loose in warm-ups or in the bullpen.
Even two sport star Carlton Salters uses the compression pants.  The former Arkansas football player and current baseball star has used the McDavid brand for years.
"I've always been a huge fan of McDavid," said Salters.  "We used McDavid protective gear when I played football at Arkansas and now I use the compression pants in professional baseball."
For years, McDavid has been embraced throughout the NBA and NFL, among several other specialty sports. This year, major league baseball is taking notice!

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