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McDavid USA Combats Dangerous Baseball Injuries with Protective Apparel

Date: 6/27/11

CHICAGO – Thursday, June 23, 2011 – San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey’s season-ending ankle injury has generated plenty of buzz and sparked numerous debates about players’ safety at the plate; people across the country have been talking about what preventative measures need to be taken. But more recently, a far less-publicized and much more serious incident took place on a little league field that resulted in the death of a teen in Winslow, Ariz. on May 31.

A pitch killed the teen as the ball he was attempting to bunt struck him in the chest.  He died in a local hospital the next day and the paramedics said his cause of death was Commotio Cordis – a “commotion” or “concussion” of the heart.   

“Commotio Cordis is a rare, but devastating occurrence in baseball that happens when a batted or pitched baseball strikes near the heart at a precise moment,” said Doug Wisner of sports medicine company McDavid USA. 

In its Chicago-based research and development facility, McDavid is constantly addressing sports injuries in youth athletics, with its HexPad technology.

“The HexPad Sternum pad helps to dissipate the impact of the blow and alter the duration of it,” Wisner said. “Our research has shown the HexPad can lessen the impact of contact by 40 percent.”

Hexpads are lightweight and breathable individual hex shaped pads that conform to and stretch with the body for continuous protection. The shirt is composed of compression fabric that supports large muscle groups and reduces muscle pulls and fatigues; this material also keeps players dry and provides maximum airflow to keep players cool.

According to the Wisner, McDavid Hexpad Sternum Shirts are available at Modell’s, Sport Chalet and numerous other Team Dealers and on-line retailers – and the demand for McDavid’s youth-level protection throughout these locations has grown significantly. The company is responding by producing technological protection and garnering feedback from players, coaches and dealers to continually improve their product line.

“We don’t stop at ‘well enough.’ That has never been our mantra,” Rey Corpuz, director of marketing for McDavid said. “Youth need elite-level protection, and we will continue improving our product line to make sure that every type and degree of injury is accounted for.”

The Sternum Shirt is one of several products by McDavid that is designed to prevent injuries, and keep players at all levels protected. McDavid’s products are available online at www.mcdavidusa.com and at most sporting goods stores across the country.


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