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SGMA Announces Product Integrity Program For Its Members In Partnership With Bureau Veritas

Date: 7/12/11

SILVER SPRING, MD – July 12, 2011 -- The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) is pleased to announce its partnership with Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, a world leader in quality assurance and supply-chain risk management solutions. 

Bureau Veritas will be the official sponsor of SGMA’s Product Integrity Program, an exclusive benefit for the association’s membership. As part of the program, SGMA member companies will have exclusive benefits such as technical consultation, the chance to learn the latest information related to product safety and risk management, and supply-chain services, including member-only discounts on product testing.

“Today is a great day to be a member of the SGMA as we launch our Product Integrity Program with Bureau Veritas,” commented the SGMA President/CEO Tom Cove.  “As the industry representative, we have been exploring a quality assurance program to ease the burden of risk management and product testing on our membership.  We are proud and excited to be able to partner with a globally respected industry leader such as Bureau Veritas to provide ‘best-in-class’ services to our member companies.”

“Bureau Veritas is proud to partner with the SGMA and offer its members our extensive technical leadership and quality assurance services,” said Rick Horwitch, Vice President of Solutions Business Development with Bureau Veritas.  “With a global network of offices and laboratories in 40 countries, we are confident that SGMA’s members will have quality service wherever their products are produced.” 

“The SGMA Product Integrity Program is not only about discounted product testing, but also other services our members value such as educational seminars, design evaluations, and factory audits, to name a few,”  said VJ Mayor, the SGMA’s Business Operations Manager, who will oversee the program.  “This program adds another piece to the SGMA member ‘value pie,’ in an area of critical importance to both large and small companies.”

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services is the world’s leading concept-to-consumer quality assurance and supply-chain solutions service provider, assisting retailers and manufacturers in protecting their greatest assets: Brand, People & Customers. With dedicated technical services teams around the world, Bureau Veritas is at the forefront of new and emerging compliance globally to help its clients enter new markets, launch new products, and deliver quality products to market with confidence.  For more information, contact David Simonson at david.simonson@us.bureauveritas.com or 716.505.3509. www.bureauveritas.com/sgma.

The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA), the #1 source for sport and fitness research, is the leading global trade association of manufacturers, retailers, and marketers in the sports products industry.  The SGMA helps lead the sports and fitness industries by fostering participation through research, thought leadership, product promotion, and public policy.  For more information about the SGMA Product Integrity Program, contact VJ Mayor at vmayor@sgma.com or 301.495.6321. www.sgma.com/about/affinity/bv.

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