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High School Football Players Gear Up for Another Season with McDavid

Date: 8/24/11

CHICAGO – Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2011 – High School football season is getting ready to kick-off around the country. That means thousands of student-athletes will be putting on the pads and hitting the field on Friday nights. Chicago-based sporting goods company McDavid will be outfitting many of those prep superstars. From McDavid's line of girdles featuring HEXPAD® technology, to the cowboy collar, the McDavid name has become synonymous with high school football.
"My guys use, and have used McDavid products for years," said Qunicy (FL) Munroe head coach Joey Striplin. "In fact, I just placed another order for them. My guys wear the cowboy collar, the ankle braces, and the girdle. I'm a big proponent of safety, and the McDavid products are top of the line."
From Florida to California, and throughout the Midwest, the McDavid name has become one of the most well-known in the industry. Pat Elder, head coach and athletic director at Richmond-Burton Community high school in Illinois had a chance to meet with the McDavid staff at the 2010 AFCA Conference. He was a big supporter of McDavid before the conference, but left feeling he had a better sense of what his players were wearing.
"A lot of (my) kids use the girdle pads," said Elder. "The ones with the built-in hip, butt, and thigh pad. They are the ones I push to our kids. The McDavid girdle pad is the highest in quality in safety and durability for our youngsters."
Long known as the industry leader in protective performance apparel, McDavid has continued to work hand-in-hand with high schools across the country, providing athletes support and protection on the field.  The company's dedication to protection is why many parents trust the McDavid name on their kids.
"Both the C501 and C501Y Cowboy Collar are very popular in high-school football," said McDavid Director of Marketing Rey Corpuz. "Our HEXPAD®  technology, including our 7555 and 757dd Youth HEXPAD®  are very popular in high school football. Keeping athletes safe on the field is our No. 1 priority and we feel that our products at McDavid do just that."
For the past few years, McDavid has worked closely with the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) on the definition of its rules as it pertains to thigh guards and pads. McDavid’s HEXPAD® is representative of such new technology. Now that the NFHS has changed its stance on the thigh pads, McDavid has been able to provide more innovative products to improve and enhance a football player's ability and protection. To illustrate the point, the company is using a new dual density material as a way of replacing old style hard shell thigh pad inserts.
"Our HEXPAD® technology has been applauded by coaches around the country," said McDavid Marketing Director Rey Corpuz. "We continue to work within the rules and regulations of the NFHS to put out the best product on the market."  
McDavid USA is a Chicago-based, worldwide provider of sports medical products, protective performance apparel and recovery gear. For more information on all McDavid products, visit www.mcdavidusa.com.

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