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College Football Lineman Credits McDavid for Quick Comeback

Date: 9/12/11

CHICAGO – Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011 – Ridge Piechota is getting ready for his freshman season at Mesabi Range College in Minnesota.  He has a lot of people to thank for this opportunity, but says he wouldn't be where he was today without the help of his mom, his high school coach, and the McDavid products he was given to wear during his senior season.
Piechota was a rising star in high school football just two years ago. At 6-foot-5, 300 pounds, he was the anchor of the Bainbridge (GA) high school offensive line.  The Georgia star was receving calls from big time college programs, but a freak accident in the weight room derailed what was supposed to be his senior season.
Piechota was squatting upwards of 500 pounds when he pulled most of the muscles in his lower back.  Unable to play right away, Piechota was cut from the team.
"I was doing heavy squats and pulled the muscles in my lower back. I had also turned my ankle at practice," said Piechota.
That's when Piechota drove to Quincy, Florida to ask head coach Joey Striplin for a chance.  Striplin heard the story, saw Piechota's injury, and outfitted him with every McDavid product he had in his office.  And it worked.  Piechota was given a spot on the team and in turn, became the driving force behind the teams success.  Even better than that, he never missed a game and was able to stay on the field, injury free, all season. Piechota wore both the McDavid back support and the girdle, giving him double the support on the field.
"The (McDavid) girdle gave my back the support it needed and made my back feel better," said Piechota, "I wore both items (back support and girdle). They both helped me. I ended up not having to wear the back support for very long. The girdle kept me from getting bruised up and hurt.  I was able to play both sides of the ball the whole game. I also used the ankle supports and they helped me a lot. They kept my ankles from turning."
"I know a lot of the big boys have a problem with their ankle--he needed support," said Piechota's mom Kim Brown, "He's 6-5, and weighed 310 at 18 years old and needed support on those ankles."
Piechota used the McDavid girdle and Ultralight 195 ankle brace for the entire season, and the results were astounding.  He was invited to the FACA All-Star game and then a chance to play college football.  And it's all thanks to the support he received from a coach that believed in him and the quality of the McDavid brand.
"I like the equipment and it helped me to move on to the next level," said Piechota, "If somebody has a weak back they need to use the girdle. The ankle guards keep a big guys ankles from turning on the line. If Coach Striplin didn't have the equipment for me to use, I don't know if I ever would have made it on to play college ball."
"Football doesn't last forever and you have to take care of your body while you're young," said Brown, "I wish more high schoool coaches were more concerned about them."
# # #
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