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McDavid: Supported by Athletes, Loved by Mom

Date: 9/28/11

CHICAGO – Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011 – You know the saying, when mom is happy, everyone is happy? That's never more important than when dealing with the protection of their children. McDavid USA has long been an industry leader in supporting athletes on the field – giving mom a sense of security that her son or daughter will continue to play injury free.

"We have always enlisted the advice of mothers when designing our products," said Rey Corpuz, director of marketing at McDavid. "We promote protection and if mom knows her child will be protected wearing McDavid, then she will feel comfortable with our brand."

It's more than just protection that is appealing to mom. Because the HEXPAD® technology is built into the shorts, mom doesn't have to worry about getting the kids ready with five different types of pads. All they do is slip on the HEXPAD® shorts and their little athletes are protected, and ready to play. Casey Elder, a football mom in Illinois, has two sons; both of whom play football, and wear McDavid products during every practice and game.

"I purchased McDavid padded girdles for my eight and nine year old sons for a few reasons. The built-in pads make it much easier for my boys to slip them on without having to reposition the pads or replace them in slots like standard pocket girdles. The fact that the pads stay in place, where they are supposed to set on the body, also gives me peace of mind that my boys are protected properly during practice and games. They are less bulky than the pads issued by their team, so my kids are able to much move more easily in the McDavid girdles. I recommend these girdles to every mom who asks me about them."

During a recent visit to McDavid headquarters, Pat Elder, head football coach and athletic director at Richmond-Burton Community High School talked about his trust in McDavid not only to his players, but his kids.

"I have two kids at home who both play football," said Elder, "I am always with my team when my boys are getting ready for their practice. That's why I buy McDavid for my kids. Not only do I trust their brand, but they make it so easy for my wife. All she does is slip on the HEXPAD® like she would a pair of shorts--and my boys are off to practice."

An added incentive is that the HEXPAD® is even machine washable allowing the development of a new generation of apparel that incorporates protection right into undershirts and pants, unlike anything seen before. Products using HEXPAD® technology have been designed and tested for extreme durability. They have been used in some of the most rugged sports like professional football and rugby. They may be machine washed and dried.

"We are in the business of making protective sporting goods," said Corpuz. "That's why it is so important to promote the value of what McDavid does, protects athletes on the field while promoting security for mom."


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