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Legal Ease Returns, Important Information From Your Legal Task Force

Date: 10/5/11

With this edition of IN-BRIEF, the SGMA’s Legal Task Force resumes its legal affairs column weekly.  We trust that you will find this information helpful in your business. 

The SGMA’s Legal Task Force is composed of lawyers from the across North American and many foreign countries, who practice in the sports arena and regularly represent manufacturers of sporting goods and sporting goods facilities.  These lawyers have experience in a broad spectrum of matters from product liability, marketing, international trade, intellectual property, warnings and instructions, and a host of other areas.  They are listed on the SGMA’s web site.  All are paying members of the SGMA, and regularly participate in informational programs for SGMA members including webinars and the SGMA Legal Risk Management Summit.  I am proud to serve as Chair of the Legal Task Force and along with many of my colleagues have been representing the sporting goods industry for over 35 years.

This column will regularly feature legal issues of importance to sporting goods manufacturers.  We hope that you will find it useful.  We are also looking for feedback from you as to what you would like to hear about, both in this column, in webinars and at the legal summit.  You can get this information to me by emailing me at mgranger@mgrangerlaw.com.

The Legal Task Force looks forward to providing useful information to help you meet the challenges our economy and our legal environment create.  We look forward to hearing from you, and to continuing our dialogue with SGMA members about issues of importance to them. 

Article By:
Mark S. Granger, Senior Partner
Granger Legal Consulting

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