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Two Dynamic Lunch Speakers for the LRMS Summit

Date: 2/6/12

For the 5th Annual Litigation and Risk Management Summit we are please to announce that Mike Carhart from Exponent and Jeya Padmanaban of JP Research will be the lunch speakers. Dr. Michael Carhart is a Principal in Exponent’s Biomechanics Practice. He will discuss newer sophisticated test methods to evaluate how sports helmets can influence linear and rotational accelerations to the head and how those loads are then introduced to the spine. Dr Carhart’s presentation will further explore the role of recent helmet design in reducing the risk of serious head and neck injuries. If you manufacture, sell helmets, or defend helmet manufacturers this presentation is a must!

Dr. Jeya Padmanaban makes a return visit to the Summit to discuss how statistics can assist you in defending your class action and individual lawsuits. Statistics is one of the least understood disciplines, and yet when used properly it can make the safety benefits of a product crystal clear. Dr. Padmanaban has been doing this for judges and juries for decades and will be sharing her secrets with us.

Further, Drs. Carhart and Padmanaban will be joining us on Monday night and all day Tuesday and will be available to answer your questions.  Having access to nationally renowned experts is a tremendous benefit to all who attend the Summit. So, please don’t delay and sign up today!


Article By:
Gary Wolensky, Partner
Hewitt Wolensky, LLP


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