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SGMA Applauds NFHS Decision To Delay Implementation of Football Glove Standard

Date: 2/9/12

Successful Industry Appeal Saves Manufacturers and Retailers Millions of Dollars

SILVER SPRING, MD – February 9, 2012 – Averting potential disaster for manufacturers and retailers of football gloves, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) yesterday upheld an appeal brought by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) and the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), agreeing to delay the implementation of the new standard on football gloves until the 2013/2014 school year.  The new standard had been set to take effect this coming fall – which would have left teams, retailers and manufacturers holding millions of dollars of non-compliant inventory.

In the appeal hearing, SGMA President Tom Cove implored the NFHS Rules Review Committee to consider the harsh economic impact the rule would inflict on high school institutions and industry suppliers.  In addition, SGMA raised concerns about potential lack of availability of new product and unrealistic enforcement burdens on officials as reasons a delay was warranted.

“We’ve worked for more than a year to resolve what would have been a severe economic hardship for many SGMA member companies, and we could not be happier that a fair and practical solution is the result,” said Cove.  “Glove manufacturers and their retail partners can now focus on delivering great product and service to high school teams and players without this cloud hanging over their heads.”

“We are very happy to hear this news as are other glove manufacturers, retailers, and end users,” said Jeff Beraznik, president of Cutters Gloves.  “I am glad to hear that when all the facts were considered, the right and fair decision was made.  This decision sets a precedent so that when these types of situation arise in the future, they can be jointly considered by manufacturers, retailers, and the governing bodies.”

“I personally applaud the NFHS for looking beyond the compliance/non-compliance issue and embracing the impact of its implementation into the realities of the present-day glove business,” said Dan Small, president/CEO of Saranac Glove.  “Theory and reality seldom meet in business.  Their (the NFHS’) insight of allowing the reality to taper the theory paves the way for all parties to be unified going into 2013.”
SGMA credited NFHS for being open to the appeal.  “The SGMA and its member companies applaud the NFHS for delaying implementation of this rule and we appreciate the opportunity to make the case to the NFHS leadership,” continued Cove.  “NFHS should be commended for recognizing the magnitude of the issue and agreeing to make a reasonable change.” 

SGMA further highlighted the role NSGA played in the process.  “This was a great example of SGMA and NSGA working together in the industry’s best interests.  NSGA was very effective in representing retailers and team dealers, and this advocacy had much to do with the successful outcome,” Cove added. 

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