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Date: 3/9/12

(Gardner, Kan.) – Cramer Products Inc. has launched its redesigned website, www.cramersportsmed.com, with a few familiar features from the previous site, plus many new features that offer visitors in-depth information about the company, its products and its history.

“We’ve worked on the new website for several months now,” says Ed Christman, Cramer’s vice president of marketing, “and we’re happy that it’s live online, provides a fresh new look, and is easy to use.  Before starting the redesign, we asked many athletic trainers and customers for their feedback and suggestions for what to include in the new site. The comments we received were invaluable and were the basis for practically every decision made as the new site was created.”

Christman invites everyone to visit the new site and note the following key features:

RESOURCES: Under the “Resources” tab, site visitors will find downloadable product manuals for five models of Cramer hydration units. “Though we’ve started with the hydration unit manuals,” Christman says, “we’ll frequently add others, and customers will soon find manuals and fitting instructions for many more of our products.”

The Resources section also features short videos on a variety of topics including the history of Cramer, education and instruction, mentoring, products, and interviews with athletic trainers. “There are some informative and entertaining videos, and we’ll add more as time goes on,” Christman mentions.

The most current issue of The First Aider newsletter will always be posted in the Resources section of the site, and a past-issue archive is under development and will be available soon. “Frank and Chuck Cramer, who founded the company in 1918, started The First Aider in 1933,” says Christman.  “Since taking the newsletter online about 10 years ago, The First Aider has been a popular feature of our website, and we expect it to be an even greater draw with the versatility of the redesigned site.”

PRODUCTS: In this section, extensive information can be found about Cramer products, which can be viewed by category. There’s a downloadable product catalog, and a dealer locator search by zip code. Christman also notes that near the top right corner of the static navigation bar that stretches across the top of the site, visitors can click on “browse catalog” and discover a fun way to look through the entire catalog, using mouse clicks to turn pages.  Also, the website’s home page features an instant link to Cramer’s newest products.

COMPANY: The “Company” section features an overview of Cramer’s history from Mother Cramer’s kitchen to recent acquisitions, accompanied by a photomontage of vintage and current Cramer products.  This section also has photos and bios of Cramer’s key executives; an overview of the brands owned by Cramer (they include Active Ankle, Active Innovations, Stromgren Athletics, and Cosom by Cramer); and a timeline with notable milestones from 1918 through the present. “We’re excited about the timeline,” Christman says, “and hope many athletic trainers will take a look because it captures the history of the athletic training profession as well as the history of Cramer.” Links to Cramer's Twitter, Facebook, Ning and LinkedIn pages are found at the bottom of the website, on the right side.

VML, a Kansas City-based digital marketing and advertising agency, handled the website redesign for Cramer.

Cramer Products, founded 1918, is an industry leader in the manufacturing and marketing of sports medicine and physical education products. For more information, visit www.cramersportmed.com.



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