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Trigger Point Performance Endorsed By Two Top CrossFitters

Date: 3/20/12

Tuesday March 20, 2012---Austin, Texas – More than 55,000 athletes and 1,615 teams worldwide have entered The Open – a five week competition and initial qualifying event for the CrossFit Games – in a quest to become the “Fittest Person on Earth.” Two promising American contenders, Matt Chan and Annie Sakamoto, are being backed by sponsor Trigger Point Performance.

Chan and Sakamoto are the first CrossFit athletes to officially endorse Trigger Point Performance – an educational-based provider of self-therapy and sports performance tools.

Sakamoto, who currently sits 1st amongst the women in the Northern California Region, explains that training for the CrossFit Games requires higher volume and intensity, and therefore greater self-therapy and recovery.

“Taking good care of my body is imperative so that I don’t find myself injured or slowed down,” Sakamoto said. “Doing a daily Trigger Point routine, before and/or after my workouts really helps keep my body in the best working condition. I can feel a big difference both during and post workout when I'm diligent about the Trigger Point.”

Chan, CrossFit Verve co-owner, trainer and firefighter, is currently ranked 16th amongst the men in the South West Region.
He originally learned about CrossFit through a brochure he received from a fellow firefighter. He looked further into it, watched a video of four women doing exercises he thought looked easy and decided to try it out – he says it took him two hours to complete what took the women only 15 minutes.

Sakamoto also stumbled into CrossFit when a friend from her dance class suggested she try it. Seven years later, she’s one of the CrossFitters to beat in The Open – and she hopes to continue the sport well into her sixties. Her favorite Trigger Point Performance recovery tool is the GRID Foam Roller, which she uses for self-massage and a total body workout.

“We couldn’t ask for two better CrossFitters to represent our brand,” Trigger Point Performance CEO/founder Cassidy Phillips said. “As I always say, what you tolerate you accept. You don’t have to tolerate getting older, moving slower, and for these guys, being nothing but the best. It’s rewarding to be associated with athletes who have diligently worked their way up to such elite levels.”

The Open will continue through March 25, with a new featured workout for the contenders to master each week. The competition and results can be followed at www.games.crossfit.com.

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