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Cool Point™ is a Big Winner at the Boston Marathon

Date: 4/19/12

BOSTON, MA--April 19, 2012— On a hot afternoon in Boston, Wesley Korir and Sharon Cherop were able to outrun the heat and win the 2012 Boston Marathon.  But off the track, the big winner over the weekend was Trigger Point Performance, and their ability to capture sustainable human energy with Cool Point™.  The new Cool Point™ personal cooling  device was unveiled at the Marathon Expo and sold out before the race finished!

“We had an unbelievable trip to Boston,” said Brett Warner, VP of Performance Cooling Products, “We know what Cool Point™ can do for athletes; it’s been scientifically shown to cool the body, which decreases the mental stresses of exercise in the heat. It’s innovative, cutting edge and it improves the running experience.”

The 5k and 10K are the perfect distance for incorporating Cool Point™.  It’s all about setting a fast pace and holding that pace the entire race.  It’s not a placebo, but an actual psychological benefit.  Every runner or triathlete will benefit from Cool Point™  because of its ability to cool your core body temperature, keeping your energy internalized and allowing your body to use it to reach that next level of competition.

“The ideal race for Cool Point™ is the 10K, Warner said, “However, marathoners are also benefiting from picking up the device between miles 18-20 will help to close out the race with an hour of cooling benefit.”

Next up for Cool Point™ is the Rock’N’Roll Marathon in Nashville April 28th and The Rookie Triathlon in Austin, Texas May 5th.  Trigger Point Performance intends to provide Cool Point™ devices to all athletes competing in warm weather events this summer across the US.     
Cool Point™ is now available in Specialty Running Stores and online at www.outruntheheat.com.  Retail price is $19.99.

About Trigger Point Performance:   Trigger Point Performance is a life-enhancing brand concentrating on empowering people with revolutionary methodologies and patented products that maintain, regulate and stimulate the muscular movement of the human body.  Our mission is to provide the most practical style of products, education and therapy to be used by anyone in need of a lifestyle change, performance enhancement or general wellness.  Trigger Point Performance has successfully become the leaders in personal performance care by marketing its sustainable human energy and in-home massage products to consumers in the athletic, healthcare and personal wellness markets. For more information, visit www.tptherapy.com

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