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Schutt Sports Continues to Educate Safety to Athletes across the Nation

Date: 5/14/12

Helmet Maker Reacts to Week-Long Series on ESPN with Additional Information on Helmet Safety

Lichtfield, IL (May 14, 2012)--- The untimely death of Junior Seau and the announcement by Kurt Warner and others that they don’t want their children playing football, has once again brought the issue of head injuries to the forefront.  ESPN’s week long “Concussion Crisis” segments featured stories with former players talking about their health concerns from playing the sport.

Schutt Sports, the world’s leading manufacturer of football helmets and faceguards, applauds ESPN for its continuing focus on the topic.  The Illinois based helmet maker would like expand on the message of the story, and reiterate a statement that they have stuck to since its inception; a statement that you need to read before entering their site.  It says, “No helmet system can protect you from serious brain and/or neck injuries including paralysis or death. To avoid these risks, do not engage in the sport of football.”

“When stories about head injuries are brought to the forefront, the usual target is the helmet makers,” said Schutt Director of Marketing Communications Glenn Beckmann, “We spend every hour of every day working to improve safety in the sport through our helmets, shoulder pads and everything we put the Schutt brand on.”

Schutt Sports will continue its pursuit of excellence when it comes to protective helmets and padding and will continue to work with players, trainers and coaches in professional, college and youth athletics to stay on the cutting edge of technology; insuring that the Schutt brand remains the very best.

“Our message is and always will be about promoting safety in the game," Beckmann said. "The earnest discussions going on around the country are a great thing, inspired in part by pieces like the ESPN-OTL series. But some of those discussions are focused on what we believe to be, quite frankly, questionable information. We use our pulpit as a helmet maker to help players, coaches, parents and fans differentiate between the good and the bad information. Our position remains the same: we don't believe any organization can truthfully say a helmet significantly reduces the risk of concussion. The false sense of security created by such promises is, in our mind, dangerous.”

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