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Harbinger expands 6 Padded Leather Weightlifting Belt to XXL

Date: 5/15/12

New Product Release:

(April 30, 2012, Fairfield, CA) - - Harbinger just expanded the company’s popular family of 6” padded leather weightlifting belts to include size XXL. Additionally, the belt has a new look with debossed logo and shield, and subtle top stitching. What hasn’t changed is the high quality construction and superior performance weightlifters expect from the Harbinger brand.

Designed to provide maximum back and abdomen support, Harbinger’s 6” padded leather weightlifting belt is made of real leather with interior foam cushioning and a plush suede lining. The belt is double-stitched throughout for enhanced durability and contoured from back to front for added comfort. To ensure peak tensioning capability, the Harbinger 6” padded leather belt features a heavy duty dual pronged steel roller buckle.  

“Harbinger’s 6” padded belt is very popular with weightlifters who want strong support for their back and abdomen during heavy lifts,” says Chanin Cook, Director of Marketing for Harbinger.

“When we decided to redesign the belt’s appearance, it made sense to also expand to offer XXL size and fit more of our customers. We have seen a marked uptick in belt sales and feel it is a great time to continue building on Harbinger’s strong tradition of product excellence.”  According to Bodybuilding.com, “Lifting belts are used for lower back support. They keep your lower back steady to prevent sudden, dangerous jerks when lifting heavy weights.”  

There are psychological benefits as well. Livestrong.com says, “Subjects who were observed working out while wearing a weight belt lifted at a faster rate, exercised in a much wider and more effective range of motion in the hips relative to the extension of the knees and the psychological support helped pushed the subjects toward lifting greater weight with a higher level of comfort.”  

Founded in 1988 Harbinger produces innovative, high-performance fitness products including gloves, belts, straps, wraps, jump ropes, resistance cables, balance trainers and mats. For more info, visit www.harbingerfitness.com. Harbinger products are found in gyms, health clubs, sporting goods and specialty fitness retailers.  

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