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Schutt Donates Helmet to Military Veteran Semi-Pro Football Player

Date: 7/26/12

Randolph, Massachusetts—(July 26, 2012)---Schutt Sports, the world's leading maker of football helmets and faceguards is joining forces with the armed forces and giving back to our war veterans.  Schutt Sports has donated a ION 4D helmet to Mike Wright, a semi-pro football player for the Randolph Oilers in Massachusetts.  Wright was awarded the 2012 Randolph Oiler/Buddy Thompson Commitment Award, created in honor of Robert Thompson, a Marine that fought in the Korean War.  In addition to the custom-fit helmet, a donation was made in Wright’s name to the Wounded Warrior Fund.

“We are honored to give a helmet to Mike Wright,” said Schutt Sports Director of Marketing Communications Glenn Beckmann, “It’s the least we can do to give back to someone that has spent their career protecting our safety.”

This award was created to honor a member of the Oilers who has served in the U.S military and that has a true love and passion for football, commitment to his country and to his family. The team plans to award a different player each season.   Wright has served two tours of duty in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.  He has a baby daughter and a son on the way.

“Mike was very appreciative of the helmet, but not more so than we are to him and all of the members of the United States military,” Beckmann said, “It is because of them that we are able to go to bed at night and do what we do.”

Schutt Sports is a proud supporter of the Oilers and those who serve in the United States military.  For more information on Schutt, visit www.schuttsports.com

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